Monday, July 09, 2007

A bad week to stop sniffing glue.

Ok, maybe I'm joking.

Nope, I didn't go to the yarn store, but the check engine light came on again, so I'll be near there again tomorrow. Yay. Let's see if I can resist temptation yet again when I shell out more dough for a fix that won't work.

Much like what's going on with the computer. XP is working much better. Vista bites. But, it DID have a sound driver with it. I've worked and worked on getting an XP compatible sound driver (it makes the speakers 'go'), with nearly zero results. Every file I try to download or install gives me corrupt errors. The virus protection was turned off, I'd try saving to disk, then running from the website. Sometimes the saving worked, sometimes the running, but never both. I'm a few dollars and a couple of nerves away from getting an over the counter sound card, cracking the case, and slapping in the card.

With my nose to the keyboard, the house has been at a decline on the clean factor. Dishes have been done, some laundry, bathrooms cleaned. It's not all bad, hm? Hubs could have cleaned in here, but he was busy mowing and walking the dog. He's just glad it's not him fooling around with the computer. HE thinks *I* have patience. Ha! I'm stubborn, that's all. Maybe a little OCD on broken things I'm supposed to be able to fix, too.

Bedtime. There's a pickup to fix, a soundcard to buy, and yarn to drool on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Now mom I don't want to sound rude, crude, or smartmouthed, but honestly can you please take more pics of Lucky please??? If you do then I will give you free yarn(by not having any) Or I could by yarn for your ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????th birthday if you want me you

P.S. Call me once you read this at 10:00 am - 11;00 pm

Anonymous said...

Okay spelling errers fixed. The last word before the P.S. is to.

Laura said...

Oh my God! You have NO idea of the computer hell going on over here, do you? I'm doing good to check email once a day.

But wait, there's good news... The computer is, I think for now, fixed. Tomorrow, I'll get all technical, but right now, just know I'll post pics as soon as I can.

Does it tell you how much fun I've been having if I tell you, going to be now, at 1:14am, would be freaking EARLY for my bedtimes lately?? Gah! Poor Lucky was neglected on Tuesday, so we're going out and playing on Wednesday. I'm sure there'll be great pictures later.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice how I said "on your ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????th " birthday? I took a quiz that Elisa sent Gran and I got just one point lower than her! And she is a third grade teacher too!!!!!!!! Gran says that I am a child prodogey( I hoped I spelled that right;) Ummmmmm..... Not much else to say. Ooooohhhhh! The girls are coming and I got my workshop in tip top shape! I put a big rope and a burnt rope together and made a "door" and a knocking place for people who want wood or want me to fix things! I also put a little shop with over priced things like a life time suplly of fire starter for 107.99 (Which has like 30 pecies of paper in it) Well better get going, busy day tommorow!
Love ya!
Miss V

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