Monday, July 16, 2007

Today, we vote 'soup sandwich.'

There are times when all a gal wants is to drink her one cup of decaf a day while not drenched in sweat and smelling of dog poo.

Today, that was too much to ask.

I hate barking dogs, including our own. Especially if they continue the ruckus for at least 30 minutes. He had food, he had water, it was 8am. Between him and the cat nagging me for food already sitting in front of them, I'm going crazy. My temper is always better once my coffee is gone.

Sad to say, I did lose my temper a bit. Poor Lucky, but we all learned something today. Never throw a dog bowl full of water unless you want to be drenched. That, and my aim really stinks.

Stupid PMS.

So anyway, here's a nice change of subject. It fits tight, but well. :D I love it.

"Sunshine" from Rowan's "The Kasbah Collection"
Done in Rowan's Summer Tweed. My colors are different than the pattern because I shopped my stash instead of the store. Not easy, since Summer Tweed is irresistible to me.

What am I working on now? Other than peeling wallpaper in the living room? There's an adorable little shell in the spring or summer 2006 Cast Off. It's made up of entrelac-like seashells done in one of Prism's Stuff. I'll have to either search via Google again (first time didn't work) or just scan in a picture and post from that.


Susan said...

According to your sidebar, "He who angers you, conquers you"..Elizabeth Kenny. So...does this mean Lucky wins?? *G*

Love the FO. I don't see where you find the time to knit between paper peeling and being a geek girl!

Anonymous said...

Poor mommy, the good thing that I guess that if you let the anger bulid inside you, you are going to regret it. I guess Lucky saw you and wanted to play, (this is the part where you say "Stupid dog, you made look bad") And the next time you get made just go outside and hit a pole untill you let your anger out.

Love ya
P.S. I will call you tonight.

ChelleC said...

Hey Laura! Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. I love hearing the "Lucky" stories!

Your Kasbah is adorable. We have about- what 2 or 3 weeks until Stitches? I can't TELL YOU how I can't wait to go. Oh let's go already.

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