Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In which I'm lame and answer comments via post.

Ah, yes, Susan, but how about "Get mad, then get over it."--Colin Powell? Um hm, I'm totally over it. Today, I turned a man's hankerchef into a 'babushka' style hat and had Lucky wear it during our evening walk. There was some fighting to get it past the mouth, but I prevailed. How angry can anyone be when a beagle is walking around looking like a Russian grannie? Especially if the dog is a boy.

Don't be too impressed by my progress, there's been none in the knit arena in the past two days. Today, I walked Lucky in the am, went out for groceries, then cleaned up the bedroom upstairs for the cable guy. Is it ooo-la-la? Nope! That's where the cable box for the future HDTV will be. Heaven forbid SOME people watch History Channel on a crap tv.

I'm teasing the poor husband. We've actually jumped over technologies. We're going from CRT (curved out in front) TV to the HD with an LCD screen. I'm not exactly sure what the LCD is, just that it's great from any angle. Projection is great if you're right in front, not so if you're anywhere else. That's why it's cheaper, I'm sure.

That pole thing sounds like a good idea, Fry. Right up until you see the light pole out front looking like a curly fry. ::Snickers:: See? I do know what it's like to be so angry. Thanks for calling tonight! I LOVE Courage the Cowardly Dog, thanks for telling me it was on. I can't wait until "Dr. Gerbil"'s episode airs. That's my fave.

Oh my God, Chelle. HOW many weeks? No wonder for the past couple of days I've had the urge to pack. I can't wait to see how your Kasbah's Sunshine turns out. I'm wanting to see if you pick the true colors or if you go with that wonderful autumn palette that goes so well with your coloring. I'm also dearly wanting Mary to make one, too, in her colors.

So, because I LOVE to play with colors, let me pick my dream ones for you girls.

Here's Mary's:

And here is Chelle's:

This is much more fun than how I picked my own. :D


Anonymous said...

Hey mom in your blog the fufilling promise, is that Lucky doing puppy pushups? If it is then oh he's so cute, awubbawubba. Today we took poor Chuck to the vet because he was wheezing so bad that it sounded like a train. And when he was mini wheezing he was panting. The vet took him in and said it was just sinuis and not namonia(i hope that's right)since he had when he was a kitten, the vet gave Chuck a pill but he had to do 3 times because Chuck did not want it. The vet also had to give him a thermomater, and no it was not the mouth one. The cat almost bit Gran. The vet was also scrached by the cat because he was putting some gauze in his mouth to look at his throat. So on our way home Chuckie was not wheezing but another problem hit him, the poor thing therw up. And he got it on his pillow and even a little on his mouth. And he also therw up on the living room carpet and on the kicthen tile. I just feel so bad for him. All I want to do today is just stay inside and play my gmes and wacth what Gran is wacthing.

P.S I will call u tonite mom

ChelleC said...

I don't know which I enjoy more - Laura's picking out of my sweater colors - yes I LOVE them!! Or Vicky's story about poor Chuck. She has a natural writing talent like her mother. : )

ChelleC said...

Ah, rats! As of Wed, I was a bit amiss in my earlier calculations. We had three weeks. As of right now, I'm counting 20 days - count 'em, yes 20 days before Stitches!!!!!! It seems like it should be coming up sooner somehow. Ah well, it will go fast.

Laura said...


Is it cheating if I use my knitting machine for the stockinette?

Thank you for the kind words about my little child's writing, Chelle. Coming from someone as published as you, it means a LOT!

Vick, last class time, the trainer rolled a huge dice to see how many puppy pushups our dog had to do. Lucky had to do SIX! Which, he did quite well. Everyone in class says Lucky is looking bulky (but not fat) and I said, "Of course he does, it's all the puppy pushups we do at home."

Poor Chuck! He obviously takes after Pop, huh? ;) Next thing you know, Chuck will need an inhaler and an allergy mask when he goes outside. After all the vet's trouble, are you still sure YOU want to be a a vet?

ChelleC said...

Now we have 16 days until the bus rolls away with us to Chicago.

Sure, you can use the knitting machine. Why not?

The picture of Chuck with an inhaler keels me over! That on top of a puking cat that they thought had namonia (grin) and getting a thermometer stuck into him - NOT in the mouth. It's a riot.

Laura said...

Isn't Fry the funniest? She has a very descriptive way about her. Having a crazy barfing cat of my own, I feel worse for Gran than I do Chuck. At least Chuck can walk away from what he's done.

16? Oh gaw, it's probably 14 by now. Sheesh!

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