Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm probably not THE best at grammar. I know and accept this. However, when the Associated Press lets something like this go by, a helpless feeling of riding to Hell in my own little hand basket washes over me. Hopefully, by the time anyone reads this, AP will have fixed "it's" freakin' error.

Is there anything more wonderful than getting yarn in the mail? Maybe getting to go to the Yarn Barn??? I think so! Today's yarn let me finish a long, skinny scarf made from combining
and .

Onscreen doesn't show how truly fluorescent the thing really is. Quite lovely, but something to sell. There's nothing worse than someone who graduated in the 80's wearing 80's colors.

Now that THAT's done... I did happen to finish the patriotic scarf last night, so there's technically nothing standing between my 'official' summer of lace shawl and me. Since tonight is detective marathon on USA, I'm all over it. I may have to put down the needles for the new episode of Monk, but other than that..

Tomorrow, Hubby drills at Lawrence, so I'm all over the Yarn Barn. Mom had found that cute little Heddle loom, which I have no idea of how to use. It'll be fun to see if there are any Weaving for Blithering Idiots books over there.

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