Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ok, the Seascape shawl is going nicely, sort of. Wendy Knit's is very humbling because by the time I get to row 10 on a chart, she's done with yet another shawl. Bleh. After knitting and ripping out the same row three times, I've learned that knitting after midnight is a bad idea for me. Same with knitting while stressed (read that as pissed). Once my Hubby gets something in his head as something he needs to do, he keeps at it like a turtle clamped on your finger. He won't let go. So, while I was trying to figure out why my row had 9 stitches left at the end instead of 10 for the fourth time, the phone rang. Neuro's office returning Hubby's call that I should have made a couple of weeks ago about perscriptions. We've paid the monster deduction, I really don't care about where the meds come from as long as I have them in the cabinet when I need them. Hubs must have pestered the poor gal to death because she sounded annoyed with me. That could have been my annoyance at the knits transferring to her, or her own with not reaching Hubs at work.

Gyno's also called today with my CA-125's results. Not bad, overall, but high enough that the doc wants to see me as soon as bodily possible. It probably really IS the tumor. Crap.

In other news, K from the library, (she gets me my gigs at all the library branches) wants samples as advertisements for my classes. I have a scarf all ready to go and was working on a bit of lace for the advanced class when the annoyed call came in. AFter last night's rip of the lovely but thread-like merino, a bit of silk (like Rowan's Summer Tweed in Raffia) on thick bamboos is a nice break. After reading her blog, I'd commented to Wendy about my own lace problems with fine merino on what I thought were sharp bamboos. Ha! For a K2TOG, very few points are small enough. I'd never expected to feel such solidarity with a speed knitter like Wendy.

I'm looking forward to finishing up the little sample so I can go back to the shawl. I probably won't take the shawl on the Colorado trip, maybe a UFO or five. I'll have to take something for the dull parts of the drive, which is about 9 hours worth. Sigh. Such fun, having to knit for that long...

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