Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ug. I couldn't go to sleep until 4am last night. The house was too hot and the idea of being draped by a space heater who snores did not appeal. Bad news is that after an hour drive, I'll be teaching an Advanced Knitting class. Since these people are already past beginners, maybe I'll sneak off, curl up next to the Grammar section of the library. It'll be quietest there, judging by the horrible English in use by major publishers.

Not that my own writings are perfect, far from it. I'm great with run-on sentences and seem to only end said sentences with prepositions. Vast use of personal pronouns and sloppy use of passive verbs also rule. Echoes, repeating a word more than two or three times in a paragraph, are increasing in my writings, as well. Of course, in a world where it's equals its, loose equals lose, and then equals than, not a whole lot of people notice.

I'm sleepy, cramping, and cranky. Obviously, it's time for better living through chemistry.

You'd think that after being up so late, I'd have the lace shawl almost done. Nope! Instead I worked a little more on the patriotic scarf. That one is taking longer than I thought what with the three colors forever getting tangled. Unravelling them takes more time than the actual knitting. I don't know HOW the fair isle people do it.

London bombings: Yet another, less intense one today. I have no family or friends there, and I've only spent two weeks out of my entire 40 years there. Yet, from the first time I hopped out of the plane at Gatwick, I felt truly at home there. I never get lost and I feel more relaxed there than any place in the world so far. Even in my own hometown, places and people are familiar and predictable, but not 'home' like London and Great Britan. I understand that not all Muslims are bad, but after the first bombing, my first instinct is "Round them up, send them back". No questions, no hesitations. It's terribly racist, but if they're going to become citizens and THEN bomb the place, fine. Off you go. If you can't take care of it, you can't have it.

I'm going to toddle off for a shower and a triple threat of meds: Midrin, Zoloft (great for preventing migraines and accidental homicides), and a vitamin. Must. Be. Human. Today.

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