Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ok, I have the lace yarn (815, 91, & 100, the lace pattern, now I need to do the thing. Since today is Anti-Procrastination day... I'll have to start the gorgeous seascape shawl tonight. This afternoon, I'd like to wrap up this patriotic scarf I've worked on for the past couple of days. I haven't devoted a lot of time to it. I'm also in an Anti-UFO mood and want to get a few of them done before moving on to my lace project. I don't know which color to start's going to be tough to decide. The merino is so soft and lovely, it'll be fun and I'm eager to begin.

Bleh. I'm actually supposed to be a lot less slug-like this week, but just can't get motivated. Is it the impending 'that time'? Probably. I taught the elderly to knit at my monthy nursing home gig. They're sweet, if a bit negative, and I've started them on hats. This could be profitable, since the Juanitas (there's two of them) only knit for that one hour a month. Then, tomorrow, I go to my usual library class to teach. This is advanced, which is fun because the students ask me their tough questions. Usually I know the answer, but usually have a Vogue knitting reference book as a backup, just in case.

I boycott Amazon, by the way. Do a search on NAMBLA and see what come up on the screen. Nasty stuff. Barnes and Noble may have the same book, but it's not front and center, either. Yech.

Back to the knitting, sort of. I stopped by the health food mega store yesterday on the way home. It's wonderful, if a bit overpriced. Just about every obscure ingredient is there. Wonderful, since I cook from scratch a lot. Is it because I'm a health-nut earth mother who wears mumus and macremaes? (Can't be because I can't even SPELL it) No, it's because I'm a high fructose corn syrup control freak who needs to know what is exactly in the food fed to my family.

My soaps are almost on the tube. Don't think of soaps as stupid, mind-numbing time wasters, no! They are good excuses to eat lunch and knit for an hour and a half. If it weren't for Schwan's tiramisu cups, I'd be perfect on my South Beach diet phase one. I could sit and eat all six little cups, but at 300+ calories each, after 4, I'm over the calorie limit for my height. Official weight for today: 155. It's not where I want to be, but it's ok. If the weight comes back as fast as it's coming off...that's great. Monday, I started out at 157, and yeah, it's probably water weight. 155 was my newest 'fat' weight, with 152 being my skinny weight. A year ago, 160 was my fat weight, so there's improvement.

I'm so thrilled! In mid-August, we're going to Colorado for a family vacation. The Fry has been to the Gulf and the Pacific, dipping toes in both oceans, but has never seen REAL mountains. She's seen the Smoky and Quartz mountains, ranges so old that they're bedrock. Every fall, I have the strong urge to head to the Rockies to hike and photograph those gorgeous aspens. Plus, my Mom grew up around there, and I'd like to see where she used to play.

In other news: WHY does hairball-b-gone catfood have the worst carpet staining dyes? Four to five carpet stain removers failed on the barf in the dining room. I gave up the fight earlier in the week and will take it up again today. Stupid cat is obviously allergic to clean carpets, whether I use carpet cleaner or plain water.

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