Friday, August 25, 2006

Chicken in a Basket

It's not often you see a chicken in a bicycle basket. This is from Tuesday, when Fry and I went cruisin' the neighborhood. Wednesday, we swam at the pool, and Thursday, we vegged. Blame it on PMS, I'm easily tired. Cranky, too, but not in a bad way, just in an I'm-not-putting-up-with-crap way. Beware, boys who sack my groceries and mangle my produce.

Look what Laura of the Sugar Bunnies inspired me to do! She's a doll, and not just because her name is so cool. Her spinning is beyond wonderful. I have to take a deep breath when considering my own and think of the unevenness as 'character'.

This, is going to be gorgeous. The Wilton's brown doesn't quite work, so I used instant coffee.

Per Chelle's request... Ta DAAAAA! The bitchin' mittens! I'm wearing one, of course. The yarn called for 10.5 us, I used 9us, and they're still 'holy'. The nice thing is, they're warm without being 'sweaty'. I call them, Diamonds In The Snow. The picture doesn't show it, but clear beads are dispersed throughout the back, gleaming and giving them their name.

Maenywn and Sherrie are calling me to the dark side. I want to go to a Wool Workshop, but then, the Wool and Fiber Arts festival is calling me, too. How about I get some opinions on which one to splurge on? Comments, anyone?


Maenwyn said...

Um, what's wrong with doing both? One is in September and one October. Two totally different months.

ChelleC said...

Caveat: I have no personal knowledge of either of these two festivals. IF money if an issue, as I suspect, then I would pick the one that has the most interesting-sound agenda. I'm pretty sure you'd learn a lot and have fun at either one. Chelle

Susan said...

I'd pick the Harveyville one simply because I love their concept and website. LOL certainly not an informed suggestion re the agenda

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