Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Should I post?

Sure! If only to say, the chicken has left the building. He gets to stay outside in his new pen. It's very loosely constructed, since the first attempt went a bit awry. It's not a true construction project unless you've bent a few nails, said the f-word, and thrown a hammer. Oh, and broken skin on your hands.

The nice thing about migraines? I'm so chock-full of meds, thumb smashing doesn't hurt. Brain, yes, thumb, no.

Actually, the Relpax has been working fine. Laundry is washing, the unfinished part of the basement is swept, Herbie's lounging in his new home, and the dishes are soaking until the post is done.

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Maenwyn said...

It had to happen. I'll be the poor chick was confused all night. But, after a day or so he won't be upset, as long as he gets to see "mommy". (-:

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