Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sock on a Foot

Either Fry and I have been running amok, or doing nothing at all. Saturday was Knit Group, Sunday was rest, Monday was the first day of school and my teaching a class in Weston (such fun!). Today is catchup on housecleaning I ignored yesterday. I also started my first bitchin mitten, yay! I'm to the thumb already and hope to have one done by this evening.

Should have known. The above heel is bunchy and I don't like it. I followed the pattern exactly on this, too. But then, after looking at the below picture, what did I expect. Heels aren't supposed to have a point. Soft curve, yes, pointy point, no. This makes me glum. Still, the first sock is finished, I'll need to see about getting it to Trek somewhere for the knit-a-long. While I stuck to the pattern 90% of the time, at the cuff, I went crazy. I stopped early and did the ending triangles to cap off the squares. Then, I did a little bit of ribbing. Just enough to make them cling, but not so much to take away from the design below. Why? I'm sick to death of those itty bitty squares. I admire anyone who can stand to make socks using size 0 US needles. Drives me nuts.

Here we have the future cardigan. I'm a bit worried about the striping, it's not either random enough, or not uniform enough. This may take some rethinking. It's nice, though. The Light Stuff in Harvest makes it fun. I love the yarn, plus, if you have bits and pieces in your stash, you can make your own "Stuff".

Artsy photo of the grey sweater do over! This is part two of Project Spectrum's August colors. I consider grey to be neutral. Or at least a blend of white and black, right? ;)

This resulted from Saturday's enabling, uh, Sit, Sip, and Knit. Fry and I were there for hours, but it was so much fun! I'd not been in a couple of weeks, and missed the camaraderie. Fry had a great time, too. Mary gave her quarters for candy, thus, she is Fry's new best friend.

Everything above, excluding the Bernat cammo colors in grays, blacks, and whites and the big bunch of blue, are Joann's brands clearanced. They were marked $3 and I bought them for $2.10. Cool, huh? I'd like to have a pair of socks made for 'The Guy' by the time he comes home from South Korea. These colors match their ACUs, the newest Army cammos. He'll be glad he has them this winter. Part of the new uniform is a holdover from the desert cammos (DCUs), the desert boots. Tan, with breathable panels in them. They might have to change to the jungle cammo's (BDUs)black combat boots (the kind your mother wears, ha ha ha!).

Speaking of uniforms... Our living room couch is covered in them from cleaning out the garage and basement. Between Hub's Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of the Union Army, Civil Air patrol, and regular Army 'U's, it's a mess. He even has a Soviet Officer's coat from Russia. And the hat to match. You know what would be fun, is to take all the worn out, torn up, and should be thrown away uniforms, no matter their colors, and make a quilt out of them. The only drawback is, because it's cammo, you'd never see it...

Have I avoided housecleaning long enough? I think so. ;)


ChelleC said...

I really like the socks but have no idea how you've had the patience to do them.

ChelleC said...

Where the photo of the Bitch'n Mitten?

Laura said...

LOL! Um, well, I did cut the socks short, you know. ;) Yep, I cheated, but honestly, they were taking forever!

Your wish is my command on the mittens.

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