Monday, August 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home again!

Everyone is home! Let's take a census, shall we?

Hubs-The husband of the house.
Me-The wife of the house.
Fry-The child of the house.
Claude-The cat of the house.
Squeeky-The guinea pig of the house.
Herbie-The chicken of the house.
Pinkie-The betta fish of the house. (he's pinkish purple, just in case no one could figure that out)

Yes, the chicken is in the house. He's still a chick, somewhat downy. Fry is his mom, and when he roosted, then fell asleep on her arm, that's all she wrote. I knew Herbs would be coming home with us. I mean, if we can have rabbits roaming the back yard and ground hogs living under our front sidewalk, why not add a chicken to the mix? Especially since the garter snake isn't in the back yard anymore. At least, I've not seen him in a while. If Herbie is a rooster, he needs to go back to the farm with Aunt Toppa in October. Otherwise, she, Herbina, can stay here.

Since I drove, there wasn't a lot of knitting done, Fry resisting my attempts to convert her to the 'yarn side'. Speaking of yarn, I'd stopped by Knit Wit on my way to get our child and found a coup. It's Diakeito's Diasantafe, usually retailing for $15.75. This and many other yarns were marked to go at $3 a ball. Yep, certainly worth the gas money to drive to Olathe, KS. I bought 9 of these little beauties

and 8 of these.

They're mostly Viscose, Ramie, and Nylon, so there's some summer shells in those, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I'm still working on the brown striped bag, the purple cardigan, and am eager to 'reboot' the grey sweater. The Trekking sock didn't do well in Oklahoma, the heat and all, nor did the lacy sock part 2 get started. You know, though, they'll be great for poolside knitting. If I can muster up the nerve to wear a swimsuit in public. :)


Maenwyn said...

We need a picture of the chick. How sweet. I can imagine Fry was totally charmed when it snuggled.

trixie88 said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog. If you'd ever like to sell your Diasantafe yarn (I really like the 527 color you posted. I need 8-9 skeins), please contact me at Thanks, Char

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