Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tomorrow is FRYday!

Sigh. I can't wait. She's such an angel. Her dad and I worship her, as do all her family members. Yeah, she can be a mess. Her taunting me with "You're nine hours away, what are you gonna do?" comes to mind, but still. The ornery streak is as much as her sweet streak. Love that sweet little Frygirl. Tomorrow, I'm leaving to get her. While I'm thrilled, I already feel bad for my parents. And, for Fry's pet chicken, Herbie.

I was going to clean her room today, but with dishes, a load of laundry and vacuuming the house, that was shoved aside. Then this evening, I played with beads and shells. Here is a necklace and earrings. I'm very proud of myself, I didn't superglue my fingers to the earring backings. Aren't low expectations fun? ;)

Speaking of glue, here are Mom's earrings, with a necklace to match. She needed the necklace, you know.

Fry needed a necklace, of course.

What did I ignore today in the way of knits? Going clockwise, August's brown bag and grey sweater, both 'rebooted'. I totally ripped both. Below both of those is the hint of my bitchin' mittens, not started but not forgotten. Continuing to six and seven o'clock, are the two pairs of socks, one mid leg and almost done, the other yet to start. Finally, is July's purple project. I'll do a few rows when I park and knit.

Hm, the digital camera needs natural light, obviously. I'm looking forward to taking progress pictures of the Trekking sock as it treks across Oklahoma.


Maenwyn said...

Pet chicken? Oh, she SO needs to bring it back with her.

ChelleC said...

Hey, we miss you AND Fry!!! I hope to see you both next week. Don't miss it next time, okay? You've got several really good projects on the needles right now.

Laura said...

She's working on me pretty good! Herbie the chicken IS pretty cute. He rides around on her shoulder and thinks of her as 'Mom'.

:) I missed being there, too. Two hours of spending time with people wonderfully yarn addicted as I am is great.

ChelleC said...

But you might turn her into vegetarian if Herbie comes home with her. She's going to start analyzing that fried chicken a lot closer and feel guilty (maybe?)

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