Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A flash and dash.

Blogger will be out at 2:00 CST, so I thought a quick update was in order.

Herbie the chick is the cutest! There WILL be pictures of a girl and her chicken later today. After pecking around in the back yard, Herbie will climb onto Fry's lap to sit. He's just the sweetest little chicken.

We've been hacking our way through Fry's room, cleaning as we go. While the pets' containers stay cleaned, the massive amounts of books, papers, clothes, and toys do not. The dresser, inside and out, has been cleaned and decluttered. Whew! I'm not sure what we're tackling this afternoon, but something will be done.

Everyone, go take a look at this, Laurie's website. Done? Good! I'm making her Fiber fish mittens for a guy who already has fish socks. Will I use the same yarn? I don't know! Maybe, maybe not. :) Depends on the stash. I'll probably start them in September or October, when the current socks and current Project Spectrums are done.

Half of Fry's school supplies are bought, yay! We still need to shop for school clothes, oh joy. I really dislike clothes and shoe shopping. Weird, huh? Fry and I are making an epic journey to my neurologist's office on Friday for free samples of Relpax and Frova. We'll wrap up the shopping then.

The Frova is to try, the Relpax because I'm a month ahead in my usage. After having a headache on Sunday and Monday, I'd panicked a bit. I called the office asking for samples, and they're concerned. As much as I hate it, I'm probably going to have to suck it up and make the female appointments we all love so. The long lasting headaches are every other month, like clockwork with my cycles. It's probably the reproductive years winding down, but better safe than sorry. Probably after school starts, I'll get all the health checks out of the way.

My teaching schedule is up! I'm already nervous about my first class of the season, August 21st. A lot of students ask about reading patterns, so this class helps with that. Knitting Pattern SOS is such an esoteric class, there's few students signed up. The nice thing is, they usually bring in a pattern defying their understanding, and voila! I can help. Oftentimes, a different point of view is all that's needed. Also true is the "Is this what I think it is???" type question.

More later, this is already a novel.


Camie Vog said...

Those fish mittens are the bomb!!! Is the pattern available to just anyone, or only those in the know??? What color yarn are you using?

Maenwyn said...

Waiting for the chick pics...


Laura said...

Camie, aren't they, though? They're for sale over at Laurie's site. For the originality, cuteness, and skill, I'd say they were worth the $5. I have no idea what yarn to use for them just yet. Considering there's school clothes and supplies, I suppose I'd better shop the stash instead of dreaming up an excuse to shop the stores.

Maenwyn, I'm uploading some chick pics now... ;)

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