Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Big news in the Sims world.

A note only to Frygirl: Sims got pets! Yes, we will get it, as soon as it's released on October. :) I linked to a chat posted on my own website, because I know you're on dialup.

In other news, the piano is tuned, my knit patterns and magazines are sorted, and the kitchen island is cleaned. Doesn't sound like much, but the patterns and cleaning kept me busy all day. I have treats for the knit group. There were duplicate knit magazines, Vogue, Knitters, a few of those, I'm not needing.

As for this evening, dinner while Hubby is at a club meeting (VFW, I think?) where they have a dinner there. Knit a little on July's project, then knit for a couple of hours on August's projects. I'll post pictures of the progress sometime tomorrow.

Is anyone else seriously depressed over the state of the world? I'm sure things have been bleaker than this, but still. Makes me despair for the future.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to my goofily optimistic self.


ChelleC said...

Yes the world is in a sorry state right now. It's sad. And I selfishly wish this heat would lift.

Maenwyn said...

Cleaning, sorting, organizing...what's up with that? I just dream about it.

ChelleC said...

I've been doing it too. I gave away 9 huge trashbags of clothes out of my closets yesterday.

When is Fry coming home? She's been gone too darn long.

Laura said...

Ah, but Maenwyn, if you clean, sort, and organize the yarn stash, that's more time later for knitting. :)

Isn't it nice to get rid of stuff, Chelle? I luuuve our bulky item pickup. The beloved Fry comes home on Sunday! I leave on Fryday and come back then. I'll be glad to have her home. We both miss her.

Carol said...

I agree on the world thing. It is just to bad we cannot all play nice and not break each other's stuff (and hurt each other). I have made some progress on the basement and garage cleaning and hope to finish this weekend. Something must be in the air if we are all clearing out or at least dreaming of it.

Laura said...

Oh no! A cleaning and decluttering virus must be going around. I must rest until it passes. ;)

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