Monday, July 31, 2006

Alas, poor July, I knew it well

First, this.

See that tiny little bit of purple. Thus was began July's project. Yes, on July 30th. Grr. So for August's neutrals of all kinds, I have my brown bag to felt, and the grey fair isle sweater. I think the bag has yet to be ripped, while the sweater is completely frogged.

I thought the sock yarn would match my beloved's new ACU (not BDU, not DCU, and not cammo) hat. He and I went to Ft. Leavenworth this evening to get him some new 'school clothes'. The Army has changed or added this new uniform to their list of uniforms. Under daylight, the hat and yarn look the same. In fluorescent? Nope! After feeling the Army socks for sale, I'm making Hub's socks. I mean, come on. I don't think anyone wants scratchy nylon rubbing on their feet in those boots. The desert issue boots have ventilation, but still. I'm thinking socks for The Guy would be a great neutral project for August.

Then, we finally have the ill-gotten gains from the Studio's sale. 25% off EVERYTHING in the store. I wanted Jaimeson & Smith or Dale of Norway. Came away with Silken Tweed. There's enough to make a summer shell, I think.

You'd think that my running off to the Studio after Mary's phone call, then to Leavenworth with the guy wouldn't be that tiring. All that shopping, though! Unload pickup, fix supper, update blog, and knit.

Should I mention the polite Lieutenant Colonel(LTC) in the PX who WASN'T my own guy? For a Texan, he was merely polite, but for Missouri, he was downright smitten. I have a feeling he's a transplant from the South. ;) At any rate, it's nice to have an LTC of my own. He's had all his shots. ::snicker::

Thanks for the positive feedback, by the way! It's always appreciated. :)

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