Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good Morning!

I'm really enjoying the spinning, I have to admit. Good thing, too, since a couple of pounds of roving are on their way to me. I wanted some inexpensive wool to goof up with practice. In a couple of months, I can go from sheep to shawl. I've not got the hang of spining the drop spindle, then feeding the wool as it spins. I'll have to spin spin spin, feed the wool to the twist until no more twist, then spin spin spin again. I'd think a wheel would be better. The nice thing about this is that practice really does make perfect. I'm totally amazed. I'm not one to practice anything. There's some beautiful roving I have over there as a reward for when I get a lot better. Until then, I'm having fun spinning my 'Wools from All Sheeps' mixed bag.

Note to Fry: If you thought I was kidding when I said "Here sheepie sheepie," at the Rose farm... You won't be able to take me back, huh? ;) I'll have to bring sissors and a comb. I can see the newspaper reports now, "Woman attacks sheep while growling 'You WILL let me shear you,'."

Whew! Ok, I'm to the heel flap on the class sock, FINALLY. I know why it's so freakin' slow. It's the knit three into the back of the stitch. I keep trying to purl instead. A constant fight. Thanks for the compliments! It is a lovely yarn, shows every misstitch, but keeps me on my toes for sure. :) The best part about these will be finishing them. I actually like my poor little entrelac sock better, neglected though it may be. Carol, whose new blog I need to add, is knitting two socks in this pattern at the same time, but with different needles and yarns for each. She's already where she should be on both socks, per the homework.

Let's see, any action, excitement, or adventure around here? Not really, unless you want to count the rude comments made by former 5th graders while Hubs and I were strolling around the neighborhood. To ignore or not to ignore, that is the question. We voted ignore. I actually feel sorry for them. Rude, stupid little boys usually grow up to be rude, stupid little men.

Today is anti-procrastination day. Yeeechhh. Why? Because I'm doing what I've been putting off for far too long. To help with the pain, I'm setting a timer for 15 minutes and attacking the worst rooms in the house. Fry's room, the finished AND unfinished parts of the basement, and the garage. Even if I spend just 15 minutes per room, there's usually an improvement.


Anonymous said...

Mary asks:

Can hubby walk in uniform, pack heat and glare?

Susan said...

oh I love the yarn in that sock! It looks so soft too. Just when I think I have got the spinning thing, all goes wrong and either is sooo kinky or way loose. But I'm still having fun trying *G*

Carol said...

Excellent job on the sock. I really love that yarn. I am much happier with they one I am doing in the solid Fixation. The other I thinks is too busy and you really can seen the pattern well. I will finish both but I think I am going to like the green ones best.

See you tomorrow night.

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