Monday, July 03, 2006

WHAT day is it!?

Good gravy! Monday already?

Around here, Mondays are usually wash bedsheets and vacuum the whole house. That, and cleaning up from a wild weekend. You know, going to Walmart, having dinner at a hometown buffet, grocery shopping. The usual. ;)

Hubs and I had a date night on Friday. We could have seen anything, with Fry at Chez Grands. What did we watch? Ice Age: The Meltdown, of course! Oh my. I made a total fool of myself, laughing until I had tears. Sadly, I can't just chuckle at anything. I have to guffaw. And speaking of that...we have a new tv in the kitchen! Yay! Our old one was ok, but couldn't get the Weather channel. I know, a crime, huh? Which leads into the no Court TV, either. Sometimes they'd be there, and oftentimes, not. Plus, this telly has a DVD player in it, so of course we had to make sure Monty Python's The Holy Grail played.

Look what wandered up to my doorstep! Chelle's Gimme 5 vest. I hate to admit it, but I ripped all of it and am redoing it. Why? There were too many dropped stitches in it. Should I feel smug and say, oh, this is easy, I'll just whip this right up? Heck no! I did the first pattern repeat (4 rows) and already had to go back and fix a stitch that didn't get quite dropped. It IS tough to make sure what you want dropped really is dropped without losing everything. Plus, all the mistakes have been made on the first vest I made and gave to Mom. No need in repeating them, is there? Especially not with such beautiful yarn. Chelle has great taste. ;)

Not only is it Monday, it's July! No more blue this month.

Except to finish this. I really must, you know. Can't just leave it laying around. Although, the little bumps of dropped stitches don't really mesh up. Sigh. I did follow the pattern. I'm very tempted to rip and redo.

Am I ready for July? Sure I am! I pawed through this...

then this...

and settled on this... What will it be? The ribbon will form a checkerboard border, while Prism's Wild Stuff will be the main body of either a shell or cardigan. I've still not decided.

Thanks for the kind comments on my stash. I really do love it. I've found that if I rub two credit cards together, the yarn magically reproduces. Funny, huh?

In the bookshelf to the left, I have the acrylics. Homespun, Light and Lofty, and other chainstore specials. For the bookshelf at the back, which is a couple shelves taller, there's standard acrylic worsted weight with some yummy wools at the very top. Otherwise are books and patterns.

Ah, in the top drawer is discontinued Woolease sportweight. I love this for socks. Quick, machine washable, and if they're ruined, it's ok.

Finally, the coup de gras. The desk is free of yarn, but nothing else is! Some of the bins are for classes only. Ok, three of the bins are. Socks, beginners, and scarves classes each have their own containers.

Yes, I have a lot of yarn. If a person is needing some, and can't find it, ask. I may have it. A yarn lookup will be easier once the inventory is done. Plus, I'm asking the beloved Hubs to whip me up a catalog for things like this:
See? I do actually use this monster stash to make things.

Now, people in the know tell me, is this a real coup or not? I really like it because the top is gold embossed leather. I've thought about tacking down the liftups on it, but it's rather nifty in the 'had it for years' appearance.

Hm. Do you think I've put off cleaning this mess long enough? I'm looking forward to posting the 'after' picture. There's been some straightening up of this since I started typing.

I usually never can stay seated for more than 15 minutes or so. Since starting this, I've done a sinkful of dishes, deadheaded my roses in the back, started watering the rock patio and pond, and ran out to get more pictures of the pond. I'm crazy about it. It's pretty and no one believes I did it myself. I'll have to find a 'before' picture, there's one around here somewhere. :)


ChelleC said...

Oh my gorshhhh . . . you're really redoing the whole thing? Jeez, I didn't mean to put such a project on your plate.

Arrghh!!! That yarn is beautiful, but you must admit those dropped stitches are a pain in the . . . lower than the neck. Yep.

Laura said...

I was hoping you wouldn't mind too much. I mean, you did a great job and I felt bad not just continuing. But then, I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't like a couple of dropped stitches just being woven in. I'm hoping to have it done by Thursday's class. :D Fingers crossed, anyway.

ChelleC said...

Oh no, of course I don't mind but jeez!! I truly didn't mean to put you to all that work. Oh Lordie. Feel free to use that yarn in the box too. I wanted it longer than it was coming out before - but oh, I just hate for you to have to spend your valuable knitting time redoing my botched projects. Gosh!!! This is MORE than stone soup knitting. This is having you cook the whole thing and bring your own pot. Chelle

Laura said...

Sigh. Well, I was going to say something about having to work with such lovely...

Who am I kidding? I want to do this! It's lovely stuff, you'll look great in it, and I'm dying to see how you'll look in it once the vest is done! :)

ChelleC said...

Well, maybe we can share it???? Seriously, I don't mind. We can take turns with "the vest." Emily used to do that with her good friends when she was in upper grade school.

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