Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lots of ambition, but no motivation.

Ah yes. NOW I remember why there's boxes of stuff in the basement. Every once in a while I get sick of sorting, cleaning, and decluttering. Put it in a box and hide it downstairs. I'm sure it's cabin fever, too.

Ok, I tried to make a little hat out of the leftover pink homespun. Not enough left over, so I'm thinking little mittens. Really more of little hand guards. I'll do a 2x ribbing to keep from having a drawstring. I want to avoid anything too tight on the little wrists. Every positive comment on the booties has me preening. "Why, yes," I'll 'modestly' think to myself, "I did spin the yarn for these myself."

Any bit of encouragement on the sock is wonderful. I have a theory on why there are two sizes of this sock, ones knit on 0 us, and 3 us. The designer did the first on 0 for the cute little stitches, then thought to heck with that! and did the 3s.

That may just be what I'd do.

I did at least 8 rounds last night and would post the progress if any were evident. Bleh. My focus is on how good it's going to be to call these babies done.

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Maenwyn said...

It is cool in the basement. Cool as in not HOT!

Pretty booties, pretty hand spun, girl, you rock. I am in awe.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race