Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sucked in to yet another activity.

Ran around on Friday, missed Mary and Chelle at knit group but had fun with everyone else on Saturday, goofing around today.

That sums it up, now on to the good stuff...

I've been 'captured' by spinning. It was the roving. I stopped by a little spinning store after knit group and all the pretty colors and softness called to me.

Using a top heavy drop spindle, I did this:

Ok. I'll pause here to let the spinners catch their breaths after the laughfest.

I was on the phone to Mom, needing to hear my Fry's sweet little voice, and told her of this mess. Went through the whole, "I can't do this! I suck at this. Obviously, I'm crap at this so forget it and good thing I kept the receipt." Then, Mom had this crazy comment along the lines of me just practicing it before expecting to be perfect at it the first time.

Mom was right! Who knew?

The first stuff, I twisted it in on itself to make a two ply. Just to see if I could improve it. Yeah well. Unlike knitting, spinning can't be undone. Unless I'm missing something, which is entirely possible.

At any rate, the second time was better, and I'm looking forward to spinning for the third time.

Tomorrow, I'll change out the batteries on the little digital camera and 'go to town' on the works in progress. Until then, there's some major house cleaning and loafing around to do. Plus, I want to swatch the newly spun yarn, just to see how it works up.

I totally need more roving. Preferably plain, practice stuff, because the merino I have now is much too lovely to goof up with practice. :P


Maenwyn said...

All right, since you're so brave, I take a picture of my first time...spinning, that is. (-:

We'll keep practicing.

ChelleC said...

Wow, I can't believe you did it! Even the first effort looks - pretty good for a first effort to me. And the progress you showed in your second photo is amazing. That's beautiful yarn you spun there.

But no, you are NOT going to entrance me into spinning no matter how glowingly you speak of it and no matter how beautiful the yarn you produce. I already have enough yarn in my house to choke a goat.

Laura said...

LOL! Better the goat than the chicken! Ha ha ha!!! I'll spin and you can knit it up, how about that? :)

Ok, Maenwyn. As soon as you're feeling better, I'll look for the picture...

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