Friday, July 21, 2006

A Snowman Named Flakey

He's a complicated snowman, underneath the smiling exterior. Flakey doesn't see his father, Snowy, much. Nor does he chat much with his brothers, Frosty and another whose name he doesn't even know. There's a few nieces and nephews running around, but again, Flakey just, well, flakes out concerning relatives. He does have a son, but for security purposes, we can't post his picture.

Those who know him will notice his hat doesn't match his scarf. Ah, yes. Our beloved Flakey is a model.

In the below pictures, we can see him in his less mysterious, artistic pose. The one he normally assumes in the living room. He's a year-round snowman, reminding everyone that at most Christmas is only a year away.

Here, our beloved Flakey poses with the dyed roving from Cottage Fibers (the local shop). In a minute, I'll get to stupid things I've typed and need to recant. For now, let's just enjoy the fact that the hat fits someone, even if not a newborn. (maybe, because it's been nearly 11 years since Fry was that small)

Stupid thing 1: In my reviews of Knit Pick's yarns, I mentioned their cotton/wool blend, wondering why? I thought the mixing was goofy until...

Duh. The bit of wool gives cotton a stretchy, snappy feel. Cotton does stretch, but won't snap back unless you coat it in rubber.

Stupid thing 2: In another blog, I commented about some shorts that had been featured on "You Knit What?". My comment was, "I couldn't substitute the short's yarn for Microspun, they would feel way too good."

I bought the magazine for the pattern, and lo, the pattern used Microspun.

Stupid thing 3: When making a baby hat from the top of your head, it's ok to undo and redo with bigger needles, thus making the yarn amount 'stretch'.

Duh, again.

Stupid thing 4: Looking for stronger light bulbs to put in the kitchen. It's way too dark for me to see the stitches on the two socks I'm currently doing. Totally frustrating trying to knit or purl two together and not being able to see them no matter how close you peer. I'll move directly under the light and it's a little bit better.

Stupid part? I really tested it last night with a wedding invitation. There is a range closeup to me where the print 'fuzzes' out. Otherwise, the print is sharp. The stupid thing is not making the appointment for contact bifocals. (Gag!) Instead, I'm cleaning my contacts to death and making bad lightbulb excuses. I'm stopping by the eye center in Walmart while I check out the clearances and shop their grocery section. Usually, I shun Walmart, too crowded and small-business-steamrolling, but with gas prices the way they are, I can do a 3 for one, AND stop by Home Depot across the street. :D The sooner I leave, the sooner I can sit around and clean bathroom lightbulbs. You know, just in case is ISN'T my age, but the dust.


Susan said...

Flakey looks quite proud of the new garments *G*

I will have to admit to occasionally doing the "arm farther out, arm closer in" bit when trying to see some stitches. And I have TRIfocals. I don't think they make them with more lenses than that!

Jen said...

It's the dust dammit - I will not give in a get the bifocal contacts - I am not old enough to need bifocals. There are dusty light bulbs EVERYWHERE I go.

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