Thursday, July 27, 2006

The brain, the brain!

Update is at the bottom...

Day two of migraine. It's not been all bad, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. Still, when I woke this morning, it'd come back. So, some meds, a glass of water to chase them and the coffee, a bit of breakfast, and I'm napping this morning away. I did nearly nothing yesterday, and have a class today, so I need to get this over with before Friday. We have some family activities planned, thus, my brain is somewhat necessary.

So all that kitchen mess? Still there. Sure, dinner was made, dishes were done, but the cleaning and sorting? Nope. I did manage to go through the massive amounts of clothes hangers, culling the ones I won't need. Like Joan Crawford and her wire hangers, I have a thing about the all plastic ones. I beyond hate them, loathe, despise, all that. The plastic ones with a metal hook? Love them for coats, but anything else plastic has to go. I've been known to break them just to 'take them out'.

Yes, this 'normal' thing I pretend to be is a facade. :) Since my beloved Husband wants to take the tiny digital camera to the event this weekend (a family reunion on his side), I'll take pics of the works in progress and post them this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I have a date with an ice pack. When chemistry doesn't help the brain, freezing it into submission does.

Nap is over and it worked. Yay! It's 3:15 and I'm already ready for class, sort of. As you can see below, here is the class sock. I like an inch to the toe. Otherwise, check out the roving! The loose bags, two of them, arrived yesterday from Paradise Fibers. Then, today, the first order arrived, which we'd all thought was lost. Since it was already here, I had to buy it, of course. You know, since I'm so postally impaired and all. ;)

I've already attacked this stack of papers today! Gone all gone.

You can see how well Claude helps me. When there's paper on the floor, he's over there, maneuvering it into place as his bed. He's daring me to take his bedding. ;)


Maenwyn said...

Have you tried sniffing lavender? It helps headaches and smells great, even if it doesn't help the pain. Better yet, sew it in a bag and freeze it, then put it on your head. Best of both worlds.

Fiber? You needed fiber?

Laura said...

I have a lavendar scented eye mask that I really like. Usually, I'll wear it, put on a CD of ocean sounds really low, then use a fluffy pillow to rest an ice pack on. My temple, whichever the migraine is, is the one resing on the ice, then. I have this fluffy leopard print bag the ice goes into.

So, see? Your idea is so great, it already works for me. :D

LOL! You say "You needed fiber?" like I might not have.

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