Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just a little cracker, only a bite...

I'd forgotten how hard South Beach is for a carboholic. There must not have been that much glucose in the system, because today, I'm tired. Part of it is the garage, I'm sure.
Most, I'm thinking, is the diet. After all, so far, I've not had a speck of sugar or flour of any kind. And it's already the second day! ::insert eye roll here::

Hmm. This before and after isn't that marked, is it? Yesterday was the before, thus, this is after. I'm thinking I'll have to dig up a before the before picture. I'm sure there's one somewhere. In the meantime, let's look at this detail and pretend massive work was done. :D

This picture stinks, but I'd already put the pickup back in before uploading.

This is why the pickup won't fit on the other side. There's less than five inch clearance between the tailgait and the garage door. Hub's Jeep is much smaller.

In case anyone was worried I'd only knit tonight, there's things to sort.

The papers on the floor are all home improvement-related and samples are included. The wonderful thing is, everywhere else in the kitchen is spotless. :)

There'll be update pictures on the current knit-a-longs, I promise.


Susan said...

Gee, no wonder you're tired. That garage was a lot of work and now you get to look forward to sorting paper. But isn't it a good feeling to have it done?

I'm proud of ya!

ChelleC said...

Good work, my girl. You inspire me to go through my own stuff and get rid of some things.

And good luck with the low carb thing. I've been on mine for two weeks now and am past those terrible cravings.

Laura said...

Thank you, girls! Yes, I love cleaning once it's done.

Susan, I'm going to have to dig around now for the before the before picture. Then, the goal was to get at least one of the cars in there. Sadly, the photos look like those burglary photos, the place was a wreck.

Chelle, someone mentioned www.flylady.net on your blog. I've received her emails for a couple years now, at least. The site is very useful for setting up routines. For me, it gets a little too cutesy at times, but overall is a good blueprint for decluttering and cleaning.

Ug, the low carb thing is not something to do during PMS. The lack of seratonin is what's killing me, I'm sure. I may just cheat and have a nuked potato with the trimmings for lunch.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race