Monday, July 24, 2006

Cleaning up the Garage

Ooooh, you know from THAT title, it's going to be a fascinating post, don'tcha?

Chelle covers Saturday's knit group so well, let's all look over there for a moment, then come back. Gran and Fry have an additional contest to find Flakey. He's there, but not with any pictures I'm in. Which, while we're on THAT subject, has caused me to start over on the South Beach. How I look in photos is not how I look in my own mind. I've never been photogenic, but still. Ick.

So this is day one of the diet, and while I didn't work out, the garage has been cleaned out completely. This is before, because we moved the vehicles before I remembered the after photo. Move stuff, sweep, wash, let dry, and sweep again. Hubby came home just in time to move the paint cans to the basement. In a couple of weeks, Monday will be bulky item pickup, and our goal is to make them earn their money.

After all that, now I remember why I used to work out. I'd better spend the rest of the evening working on my lacy sock class homework, playing Sims, drinking cold Diet Pepsis, and ignoring all the carbs in the house.


ChelleC said...

Hey Laura, cleaning out the garage is a really good thing! I'm on that cleaning binge myself (mentally at least). Haven't yet put elbow to the grindstone yet because I'm still studying frantically for that insurance test. But soon.

Laura said...

Eh, the mess will always be there, the test has a deadline. No worries there. :)

Anonymous said...

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