Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mail call!

This morning, I was thinking, "I really need to dig up the extra irises to send to Mom or give away. When the ordered irises from Comanche Acres gets here, I'll do that."

What I didn't count on was it being so roasting hot outside. I've not got used to the heat this year like I'd wanted. Makes working outside very difficult. Plus, the chiggers have fangs. There's not a lot of motivation to go out and dig, that's for sure. But still, aren't these lovely? Mom's Mother's Day present is the pink one. It's a rebloomer and Jim recommended it specifically.

Worth the effort to plant, don't you think? Plus, I got this one free with the order. I think. I'll have to call and see if they're sure. The owners are very nice, I buy my pond pumps from there, so I'm thinking they threw in Oriental Silk for free.

I've learned something this week. No matter how icky you think your spinning is, it always looks better knit up. Other than the colorworks I spun, this is what I spun first, second, third going from left to right then up.

Now to address yesterday's comments. :) I'm anxious to see what Maenwyn and Carol do with their own spinning. I'm sure Maenwyn's won't be as bad as she says and I'm eager to see what Carol does, since she bought her things about the same time I did. It's fun to see what two people in the same store produce.

I'll get to have dinner with Carol and Chelle this evening before sock class. I'd had so much fun with Mary last week, that I'm looking forward to this evening. Both girls are using Cascade's Fixation for their socks and it's a fun yarn to work with. My baby sister's socks were done in that yarn and I liked using it.

Susan, I'm sure I saw some Katia Mississippi 3 print in color 208 lurking in your yarn stash. From the label, it looks more like a similar color in Regia. :) I love grey, by the way, and am going to redo my grey sweater when the weather is cooler. You could post your spinning efforts on your blog, hint hint. :D

Jen! You're alive! Yay! I didn't want to nag or anything, knowing that vacation and moving is keeping you busy, but... You are missed. The bonus side to trying to spin cotton balls is that if a person gets sick of working with the short fibers, they make great, um, cotton balls. Ha! Recycle is good. I may have to start wearing nail polish.

Oh! I didn't mention! My husband, who liked Mary's idea of him wearing cammo, packing heat, and glaring at the neighborhood deliquents, thinks I'm a domestic goddess. He thought that already, sure, but after I fixed the door in the basement, he's even more convinced. The tin foil was almost as useful as I'd hoped. Tin foil to fix a door? you ask. They're double doors, and the deadbolt wouldn't bolt. I had a bicycle chain keeping the doors locked. Yes, retarded, but it worked. Put tin foil on door the bolt goes into and hold. Close other door and use the deadbolt to make an impression in the foil to see where it really is going. With a Phillips screwdriver and some maneuvering, voila'! It locks easily now.

Not only that, but I'd cleaned out the cat box (I'm sure the grass and everything 3 foot below ground is going to die from it.), swept the floor, and 'killed' a couple of clothing boxes. We have other cardboard boxes down there, empty, that I'm bringing up for Fry's room cleanup. Talk about dread. I'd like to get it clean before school starts and I'll need to work every day on it until then. Bleh.

In the "Obviously I Missed Out On Something While In College" department:

"Wear nice pants" - police tell women drinkers
Thu Jul 13, 8:07 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Women going on boozy nights out have been warned by police to "wear nice pants" in case they fall down drunk in the street.

A Suffolk police safety campaign magazine shows pictures of young women slumped on the ground next to messages urging them: "If you've got it, don't flaunt it."

"If you fall over or pass out, remember your skirt or dress may ride up," the magazine says. "You could show off more than you intended -- for all our sakes, please make sure you're wearing nice pants and that you've recently had a wax."

Readers are also told to stick with friends, book a taxi home and watch the amount they drink.

Police said the Safe! magazine's gossipy, tongue-in-cheek style was designed to alert young women to the dangers they could face if they get drunk during a night out.

"We need to raise their awareness of potential problems," said Chief Superintendent David McDonnell. "They become more vulnerable whilst under the influence of alcohol."

I'm sure these girls' parents are so proud.

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