Friday, July 14, 2006

What's a Friday with no Fry?

Sad and lonely. I miss my little Fry, but am thrilled she's having a good time at her Gran and Pop's house. Aunt Toppa is there this weekend, (my younger sister), and that'll add to the spoilage. Is FryGirl missing us? Some, but I think her living a life of ease and fun is keeping her from being anywhere near sad. In fact, she's afraid I'll insist she comes home early. Silly baby.

On to the bit of bragging. I stopped by Cottage Fibers for affirmation on my spinning. My stuff is still uneven, and I wanted to get a bit more practice wool. I'm doing the park and spin, I learned. Good, because I was afraid my method was strange. I took my samples to see if they were anywhere near right, even if they were only single ply. They were amazed I was so good so fast, and something about me being a natural was mentioned. :D Lots of blushing on my part from all the praise, and a little part of me thinks, "Yeah yeah, you're just flattering a customer." At any rate, I do love what I'm spinning, and when I went to sock class... Well, the yarns there I really liked were similar to the ones I'm creating.

I can't make these babies up, though. I've been resisting this yarn for quite some time. Along with Classic Elite's Bravo is the sock from class. A bit of reduction to the end of the gusset and a lot of roundy roundy in pattern to the toe. After having dinner with Chelle and Carol, I realized that I eat alone far too often and my table manners have suffered. While in a thrift store, where I scored a few original Star Trek tapes and a Fawlty Towers VHS, I bought Miss Manners' guide to behavior. My social graces need a lot more gracefulness, I think.

This may be on You Knit What? someday, but when I saw it in my email box... Yes, it will be mine. I have a lot of the Softwist already, but not all. That's ok, because I'd rather have it as a short sleeve blouse. I love the asymmetrical bottom.

Between retrieving my lost drop spindle at Mahoney's, grocery shopping, and reading magazines while chatting up the Husband, I've not knit a stitch today. The tragedy! :)

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ChelleC said...

I must be REALLY oblivious because I didn't notice a thing about your table manners. All I know is your lovely personality is a delight and I enjoyed dining with you. The loud brawly bar and smoke-filled atmosphere wasn't the best, but we'll pick better next time.

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