Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Picture day!

Because really, doesn't everyone love pictures??

This is the story of my life. Here we see what I did NOT have in mind. I've run out of nails for this. What I want to produce never turns out to be what I actually do. Never.

After doing the scrape of knuckle, yell of f-word (but not too loud), and toss of the hammer, I very neatly put everything away.

Here is plan B, with Herbie at home. I weaved the remaining stakes in through the "poultry netting", then jabbed them in the ground. Later that evening, I laid the remaining wire over the top, just in case.

Not that I expected him to die during the night or anything, but I was glad to seem him alive. Disaster averted for another day.

What is this? Something cool, something I'm writing the pattern to as I go, and something that has a deadline.

Hmmm. When I took this picture, it was to illustrate how much pond work I have to do. This is a great digital camera because it fuzzes all the bad stuff. Great for self portraits. Unless I turn into a big fuzzy blob. Moving on, moving on...

If you stand away from the monitor and close your eyes, this doesn't look bad at all. Fifteen minutes to clean, tops, and it's such a lovely day out, I'll have to clear, edge, and sweep. What I'd like to do someday is resurface this with an inexpensive, but hardy tile. Make a real outdoor room of it.

The lawn is mowed and so what you say? Ha! Fry mowed this! I could not have done better myself. I'm so very proud of her. :) She can do the front yard any time, she's that good. Now I'm free to edge and sweep the sidewalks.

Pictures of works in progress? Other than the above secret project, I've not felt like doing anything. I know! Yes, the headache was that bad, but, it's WAS. Yay!


Stephanie said...

Nice pen there sis!! LOL
Think maybe I need to come visit and see what we can do! hehe

Susan said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. I thought you were just busy and not posting until, for some reason I hit "reload" and there it all was.
I was impressed that you could wow us with scientific knowledge while hurting so bad. You're just amazing!

ChelleC said...

You are a woman of many talents! I understand Herbie must grow up, but it kind of reminds me of Charlotte's Web, when Wilbur had to go out to the barn.

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