Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wonder Pets

Considering we're watching Nick Jr's Wonder Pets, this is the perfect time for a pet post. Yes, both Fry and I are a bit long in the tooth to be watching this, but come on. The pets are just the cutest. I mean, they wear little capes. What's not to love?

Speaking of love...

A girl and her chicken by the pond.

It was so hot outside, though, a little bit of food and drink was needed.

After the refreshments, there was some showing off and action shots. Herbie runs to her when she clucks at him. He'll follow her around the back yard, and is happiest sitting on her lap or even foot.
Herbie is a clean chicken though. Here he is, grooming.

Then, totally off topic, here is the view from our dining room window. The red box denotes the stupid groundhog. To the right, you can see the hole he's dug under there. Is there not ANYWHERE else for him to live besides my front flower garden?
Yes, it's a very bad picture, but if I'd gone outside, he'd have darted back under the sidewalk. He NEEDS to be afraid, the little bugger needs evicting.

Tomorrow, Fry and I are having a girl's day out. I mentioned this yesterday, about the meds and all. Then, sadly on Saturday, we have to go to a birthday party, right during my sit and knit group. If Hubs wasn't doing a safety briefing to a General, I'd cop out on the party and hit the road. The moms at the party are the super organized, look down their nose types. No one I know in the knitting world is like that. Thus, I love my SS&K group. :) I have missed a couple of due dates lately, thinking they were more in the future. Just enough incompetence on my part to realize I need to straighten up my act. Summertime lazies are sadly over, and it's time for a Back In The Saddle daily list.


ChelleC said...

Those photos of Fry and the Herbie are just too cute!!! Does she realize yet that this chicken is the same kind that is often eaten? Has it turned her into a vegetarian yet?

Maenwyn said...

OOO, I want a chicken. A baby.

How sweet, that it comes when Fry clucks. What a hoot.

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