Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alive, but very blog lazy.

Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin consistent-, consistens, present participle of consistere
1 archaic : possessing firmness or coherence
2 a : marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction

• adjective 1 able to be predicted. 2 derogatory always behaving or occurring in the way expected.

Nope. I'm neither. Which is nice on the predictable side, I'm always fresh and zany. On the other hand, it would be nice if I were reliable and consistant. Ah well. This is a pursuit, after all.

First up is Friday's Review. I know. On Tuesday. I've been busy playing, ok? Ahem. Main Line is nice, part wool, part cotton. Feels like cotton and the other cotton blends from Knit Picks, Shine, Shine worsted. I'm not sure why there's wool in there, seems to defeat the purpose of either pure cotton or pure wool. Hmmm. Notice how the purl rows in the swatch seem unequal to the the knitted. Why? Because I was practicing my backwards knitting. I can backward knit, now! Very handy for entrelac, which is why I bought "Socks, Socks, Socks" at the Yarn Barn on Saturday. There's a pair of socks made with this technique I'm dying to make, along with three other patterns, at least.

I'd say more about Main Line, but really, it's indistinguishable from the other pure cotton blends from Knit Picks. Unless there's a specific reason for the wool in the cotton or the cotton in the wool, I'd say go with the pure blends for washing ease.

I was supremely stupid and didn't get in on the Dye-o-Rama along. Especially since I have some decently dyed stuff here. The purple, again, is Fry's work, the others are mine. Notice the lovely little yarn cakes??? Yep! I way overdid my budget and bought a wooden swift small, unfinished and a ballwinder. From the Yarn Barn, again, since I was over there anyway. The $70 freaked me out, especially since I thought I was getting the $45 one, but considering how much I've used it already, it's fine. Bonus, Fry LOVES to use it, thus ensuring slave labor for any ballwinding I want to have done.

The cake to the far lower left is yarn I'd dyed long ago for the Rosy Fingers of Dawn shawl. The two hanks are what I've done very lately. In fact, the fuzzy stuff dyed with those two is still drying. Still. Bleh. In both, the purple-y and fuscia is Wilton's Burgandy. Same dyelot, same cooking pot. Go figure.

The yellowish in the middle cake on the right is slated for the Diamond Fantasy shawl. After seeing Snowball's and So Much Yarn, So Little Time's progress on theirs, I'm panting to start my own already. Whenever I do start, it won't be soon enough.

Will the yellow ever end?! I think so, just in time for May 1st and the month of green. There's 17 rows and a toe to do. After that, I'm icording a nose, and picking up a few stitches for ties on both. I thought about a collar, pants, shoes, but even though they'll be put up on display, I'm wanting these to be wearable. Just in case. ;)

Oh man! Saturday's excursion was so fun! We shopped at the Yarn Barn for ages, then wandered down for lunch, then went back through Yarn Barn. The other gals went to a wonderful shoestore, but I'd been hassled with a bit of a migraine all day (Relpax is a miracle drug, honestly), PLUS, I had that wonderful new toy to set up and play with. I wound a couple of skeins once home, but had to nap with some Excedrin in my system. The nap was enough to keep me up and lively during my chat with Chelle Saturday evening. We had to discuss the field trip of course, since she worked that day, instead. Wonderful conversation. :)

Sunday I wound like a fiend, about 30 skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed and a couple of lace yarns, see above. (I am a pushover for Summer Tweed on clearance) What would have taken me two hours on the lace zipped by in 10 minutes on the swift. I love my swift, no matter what the price. It's totally worth it and also almost my birthday. I had to have it.

Then, Monday. Arg. Once Fry saw that Hubs called in sick, she suddenly had a horrible almost throwing up stomach ache. It miraculously disappeared once the school bus pulled away. Came back after I suggested I could drive her to school since she was feeling so much better. So, on my catch up on cleaning Monday, I had two of them underfoot, strewing empty soda cans and dirty socks all over the house. Plus, if it weren't one, it was the other hogging the computer. I have a routine, you know. Coffee and email once Fry is out (Hubs leaves just before I have to wake up), read blogs, update my own, dishes and laundry, nap because I've stayed up far too late the night before, news and soaps while knitting and rechecking email, clean or do errands, Fry is home and I start supper. Then, it's dinner, goof off (TV, computer, knit, pick up after everyone) and bed. There's a shower and change of clothes in there, of course, depending on the hot water supply after Hub's shower, dishes, and washing towels.

I know! Endlessly fascinating, huh?

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