Thursday, April 06, 2006

Specific is goooood!

(originally written 3/23/06)

Cami of Perfect Blue Buildings tagged me! Kickin' huh? A specific tag, way cool.

I know, I know. Very Navin R. Johnson of me, it's true.

Current favorite songs. A person could look them up on their own, since we just got done delivering papers and I'm pooped. I'm starting Grumperina's Odessa while playing the Sims 2 and eating dinner. Fry is up late, so if it's a Monty Pythons that's near PG (unlike last night's South Park!! Yikes!!) we'll laugh until midnight.

In the meantime, back to the Meme.

1. Congratulations by Sylvia Nott (It's Icelandic and on Eurovision, so of course we Americans can't be bothered to know about this.)
2. Policy of Truth by Depeshe Mode (sp??)
3. Best I Ever Had by Gary Allan
4. Blame It On The Rain by Milli Vanilli (I know. Long ago, I learned to embrace my inner dweeb.)
5. Whip In My Valase by Adam and the Ants
6. GaGa by Melanie C
7. Pump It by Black Eyed Peas
(How many, again??)
8. Honey To The B, by Billie Piper


Camie Vog said...

Oh, goodie! Now I must investigate some of these songs I'm not familiar with! I'm so glad you like Pump It. I can't get enough of that song. I have a request for it at the library...6 more people to go before it gets to me. Sure, I could buy it but I'd rather buy yarn instead....
Thanks for doing the tag!

Laura said...

Happily, there's an English version of Congratulations. I still can't decypher all the words, and that may be a good thing. Here's a link to the video, which is wonderfully trashy and silly.

Sylvia is supposed to be a parody, I think, since the real girl playing her is a lot softer and low-key in real life.

Jen said...

The new phone books are here - the new phone books are here!!

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