Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm such the fool.

Norma of Norma Knits (link should be to the left), got me bad. I'm shamed, but at least am not the only one.

Then speaking of other bloggers, in the Flash Your Stash type of MEME, January One has a stash comparable to mine. After this, I'll list the projects languishing in the living room, but for now...

We're enjoying a Monty Pythonathon. Fry made marvvy whole wheat pancakes. Not too fattening. Alas, the Pythonathon is from 10:00am to 10:00pm and the weather outside is fantastic. Maybe during the not so favorite episodes, I can run around outside and catch up on some yard work. Or, just sit and knit. Ha! Commercial breaks are great, the dishes get done (no, I didn't get any housework done yesterday, totally goofed off.), the laundry washed, and the cat squished.

Did I swatch KP's Crayon? Nope. Will I today? Yep, and I'll blog about it between now and Monday. In the meantime, here's what's keeping my living room a wreck:

Do-overs and Fixes:
Grey Yoke sweater
Orange sweater for Fry (done a few years ago)
Irish Sweater (bought in Britain, washed in America, before I knew how well wool felts)
Fall Sweater (the striped thing needing a do over on the collar)
Snowflake sweater (originally for Fry, needs sleeves and a do over on the collar)
Edge baby blanket with simple lace
Fix felted Noro bag (so it won't do that bendy thing in the middle when held by the handle)
Lion Hat, tighten up to fits real person, not basketball.

Start from Scratch:
3 Quick knit sweaters (turtleneck, double stranded worsted weight, like Mom's)
1 Lion Brand Jiffy sweater
3 Peruvian Wool sweaters
1 Seafoam ballet sweater
1 sportweight dark red sweater
1 entrelac sweater
1 bright primary colors sweater
1 Paton's Grace cremecicle sweater
1 Lion Brand sweater kit
1 Prism's Wild Stuff sweater
2 Rowan Summer Tweed sweaters
2 cat afghans (but not for cats)
1 wave afghan (like the Moms' only browns and tans)
1 baby sweater
1 Noro cardigan/sweater (I've not decided)
1 blue/purple afghan
1 Bird's eye Shawl
1 bright green mittens pair
1 bright yellow mittens pair (thanks to Maenwyn for the yarn!!)
1 eyelash scarf in purple
1 grape leaf scarf
1 seafoam scarf
several soap sachets in Peaches and Cream cotton
3 scarves
2 Odessa hats, beads already strung
1 pair cheap mittens from a kit
1 woven shawl from the loom (which is down in the basement because it's somewhat large)
2 Cascade Fixation pairs of socks
4 pairs Moda Dea socks
1 pair Katia socks
3 Regia, 1 Fortissima, and 1 mixed pairs of socks
My father's birthday present, a pair of Spongebob Socks, complete with googly eyes.

Shamefully, there's more, much more, in the basement. Baby sister Goopa gets all the seafoam items, at least 4 of the sweaters are for Hubs, and three are for Fry. There are 3 for me, and the others are up for grabs.

I should spellcheck and link, but honestly, I'd rather finish up the white Odessa hat on my needles. There's a little basket next to the scanner with the hat and a few skeins of sock yarn allocated for kid's socks or waiting for their mates in the mail. Plus, is the Crayon waiting to be reviewed. The cat likes to try and dig out a skein to use as a pillow, when there's no paper or plastic to lay on. I've got a small stack of knitting bags, drug up from the basement and sorted, that Claude is laying on, asleep. I don't have the heart to rouse him to put the bags back. When his spot of sun is in the right place and he goes there to sleep, I'll put them up then. :)

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