Monday, April 17, 2006

Chirping Birds

Ahhhh. Peace and quiet. Truly, the only sounds are the cat eating and birds chirping. A hank of yarn, lace weight, is simmering on the stove, soaking up Easter egg dye. All of us were pooped out yesterday, due to the constant Mass-ing, dress-making, and cleaning for in-laws during the prior week.

It's funny. When my parents come over, I'm not as anal retentive because they KNOW me, know I'm a slob from way back. I'm not using toothbrushes and Q-tips to clean like I do when my in-laws come over. But then, my parents, Hubby goes wild, cleaning like a fiend, much like I do for his parents.

I've also learned that my job around here is a windshield wiper. Fry leaves candy wrappers, diet Pepsi cans, and an empty watermelon container on the kitchen island, and without a though, I sweep by and trash it all. I give it as much thought as your average windshield wiper does to the rain. Yesterday, I had to MAKE myself stop to get HER to throw all the stuff away. Not easy, because I could have done it all in about 10 seconds.

Today is my sainted mother's birthday! Yay! She's what I want to be when I grow up. Sweet, kind, a person who is honest and true, thoughtful, patient, and yet tough as nails. Because she's also modest, she won't agree with any of the above adjectives. It doesn't matter what she thinks, it's all true, she's the best mom a girl could have. She's wearing her birthday socks today, too!

Speaking of birthday socks... Next on the list is Dad's birthday! This time of the year (April-May) is my family's Christmas. Our parents, me, Toppa, and Goopa's husband all have birthdays in this timeframe, as does a cousin, grandfather, and uncle. Also, it's my parents' and in-law's wedding anniversaries.

All this to say, I'm not feeling the love for Dad's Spongebob sock. I should have made it spongier, plus, I don't know what is up with Lion Brand's yarns. With Knit Picks', all my stitches are even and lovely. Not so with Lion Brand.


See? With the Spongebob socks, I hate them. They're not 'just right' and I look like a beginner knitter. Ug. Meanwhile, the Knit Picks yarn looks lovely and evenly spaced. If I had time, I'd order up some 'U Dye It' from KP and do the yellow thing for new improved Spongebob socks. Dad's birthday is on the 9th, so I've got a deadline, when postal time is included.

I did have sockweight KP yarn, free to dye, but alas, have already dyed it to a PMS colorway. What do you get when combining wine, chocolate, and Zoloft? Ta da! I'm dying (ha ha) to swatch this, but with cleaning the house, showering, then teaching a class at 1:00pm, it'll have to wait until this evening after supper. Plus, I need to hang out the yarn cooking on the stove.


snowballinhell said...

I really love the PMS colorway.

ChelleC said...

Wow, I know you are a beautiful knitter. But you're right, that yarn you used with Spongebob socks isn't smooth as I know you knit expertly and evenly. Very odd! I'm impressed with Knitpicks yarn myself, except I think the sock yarn is not as high quality as other sock yarns I've used. Their sock yarn seem not as bright in color, not as soft, not as durable etc.

Laura said...

LOL! Thanks, Snowball! I was worried about it, but it looks nice swatched up.

Chelle, I've seen your own knitting and take your compliment. :) You know now I'm going to HAVE to knit up the sock yarns I have from Knit Picks. Sigh.

Both the Spongebob Socks and the Grey Ex-sweater were of Lion Brand. Could it be my hands have become yarn snobs??? ;)

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