Friday, April 07, 2006

Fabulous Friday

and I wake up with a migraine. Ug. Two Relpax and two Excedrin Migraines later and I'm pain-free. Silly as all get out but, pain free.

The church had a fish fry tonight, so of course we're all stuffed. Totally NOT South Beach with breaded fish, biscuits, and potatoes, but good anyway. Besides, weight is way up due to massive amounts of soy sauce last night. I fixed Chinese and that's always good for at least five pounds of water. The clothes fit the same, the scale turns into a liar, though.

Right now, I'm doing a swatch of plain Shine. It's lovely to work up, and is much the same as Shine Worsted. Only smaller in diameter, of course. Also, the worsted has fewer colors, 16 to Shine Sport's 22. Knitter's Review also has a wonderful review of Shine as well, with a lot more fiber detail.

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