Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Never a seamstress a knitter should be.

I am alive, just busy sewing a confirmation dress for Fry's event this Sunday. I did the skirt first, to warm me up, and will do the shirt starting tomorrow.

"What's that?" I hear my Mom ask. "You're done with the skirt already?" Thanks to the power of Vivarin disolved in Red Bull energy drink...

Not really! I'm done with the skirt, yes, but it only took me four hours. I'd never done a zipper before. You can tell I'm a novice, but there were no huge gapes. The shirt will be tons more challenging. I think I can get it done by Sunday. Fingers crossed and knock on wood.

Saturday was a blast, Sunday was busy cutting fabric, and today was sew-sew. Ha ha!

I know, lame.

I had to trek across the frozen tundra to get supplies. People around here resorted to eating sugar cubes and stale cereal dry, just to make it through the day. Peanut butter, cheese slices, green olives, all gone. I found evidence of the natives eating shredded cheese straight from the bag. There's shame in admitting this, but I even ate old sugarfree popcicles, freezer burned. No lo-cal lo-sugar yogurt, no ice cream, not even milk to make Jello pudding. Thus, the popcicle debaucle.

Back to the first. Not only did I whine to Mom that maybe the dress would be too hard and that I was an eeeediot for even thinking I could sew, I also complained about the lack of tulips or daffodils around here. This, despite me planting a lot of bulbs. After the squirrel's gut drug the ground so much he couldn't eat more, I'd planted more, of course. Anyway, about that complaint. Never mind. I have some gorgeous peach tulips about to bloom and the lovely yellow and red striped ones are decorating the east side of the house. Yay!


Maenwyn said...

The yellow bulbs taste best.

Laura said...

LOL! I didn't know you had a fuzzy tail and leaped from tree to tree! :D

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