Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dying to Swatch

Hello! In this picture, we have the cuff and a few rows beyond of a Spongebob Sock. Then, a red ball of laceweight with the beads to make a watermelon shawl for Fry. Unseen, in the middle of the ball is the white, then green, rind part. I can't wait to start it! Finally is some Rowan Summer Tweed, already pulled out from swatching for a new sweater.

I'm proud of the purple to the right, it's what Fry did with her leftover red and blue Easter egg dye. She's so cool! Much better than the stuff I did on the left. Oh yeah I'm biased. The swatch in the upper portion is the PMS colorway. I'd intended for it to be the colors of wine, chocolate, and Zoloft. Ahem. Well, it looks more like chocolate covered cherries (still good) and pound cake. Which is ok, too. I like the specks of brown, rather like chocolate chips in the fabric. Yum. The laceweight below has more blues and purples on the other side, and I'm wanting to make a flower type shawl out of it. It's really bold in the colors, too. Finally is a subtle blend of reds and yellows into an orangy mish mash. Laura at Sugar Bunny Boulevard and Dave in his Cabin Cove does wonders with their dyes. Before all this I thought, "Oh that looks FUN!" After, it was, "Jeeze, what happened to my yarn?!" and "Maybe I need to LEARN how to do this."

The best thing is, Fry actually wants to dye more. This from the "Oh no! Not another YARN store!" kid.

Bad news: The Wrap It Up class for tomorrow is cancelled due to no one signing up.
Good news: The Beginner's Knitting class for next week is full. I was going to do the whole hide under the bed and eat worms thing, since no one loves me. Then, I thought of the projects I could wrap up in the two hours tomorrow and realized, I have none, too. The full class also saved the lives of several earthworms and kept the fire department from having to pry me out yet again.

(kidding, although I can see it happening)

Abrupt change of subject:
Here's a scientific fact I learned after going to Kmart's 50% Easter candy sale. It takes me 3 Snickers eggs, 5 Cadbury Carmel eggs, 4 Cadbury creme eggs (large) and 6 Cadbury creme eggs (mini) before I get sick of sweets. Next up is the birthday cakes, since you know I'll have to have a German Chocolate for Dad's birthday, then cheesecake for mine and Toppa's birthdays, and maybe whatever sounds good after that for my brother-in-law's birthday. Just in time for swimsuit season!


Maenwyn said...

I REALLY like the purple and the PMS yarns. You rock. I wanna do it!

ChelleC said...

The yarns are gorgeous. You're kind of tempting ME to buy some of that dyable Knitpicks yarn and boiling some Koolaid on the stove. I've never been tempted before.

Laura said...

Your yarn came out BEAUTIFUL!! I love all the colors. Isn't it awful that we can't knit as fast as we can dye this stuff up!? heh I still need to show pictures of the sock yarn my kids colored during spring break. "Nausea" begins to describe some of it. heh But it's amazing how interesting ugly yarn comes out when you start knitting with it. heh :)

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