Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ewe know I'm a sheep, right?

See? I could have been a doctor. You shoulda seen the first one. Yes, this IS a do-over. What does it say about me? Self-critical, not paranoid, rarely lies, more often the challenged than the challenger. I'm also emotional, more so than logical, am not good with the details, and am always doing something.

Like, eating lunch, blogging, and watching the news, while trying to decide, Watermelon shawl or Diamond fantasy shawl. Snowball, So much yarn so little time, and January One are inspiring me big time. What to do, what to do....?

What about Spongebob? I'm so almost to the toe. Teaching a class last night cut into my tv+knit time, which is just fine. We all had a blast, and there were tons of overachievers in there. We even got to do a bit of color changing, pretty good for a beginner's class. That's it for me until August, and I have to admit, I'm rather glad. I don't know how teachers do it full time. It's public speaking all day every day. Plus, the adults WANT to be there. I don't care how much teachers are paid, it's never going to be enough. ;)

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snowballinhell said...

Good to know you're alive and writing. I had to practice my little scrap of writing several times to make it legible, then got a number of compliments that my handwriting was so nice. Ha! Fooled them all.

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