Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday already? Gah.

I've been trying all day to shake this 'boneless chicken' mood of mine. All the blogs are read, dishes are soaking, the Bissel carpet cleaner is close by, ready to clean suspicious spots on the carpet. I have a Beginner Knitting class to teach tonight, always a busy thing to do. The last two classes were a sit and chat with intesive help. Not so the beginners.

Saturday's Pythonathon was great. There were some repeats, so during those I did laundry and pond work. Bleh. I need to restart the pump today, so the sediment can get a little less black. The pump itself is really loud, so I don't know what the deal is with it. I'd rather hear the rapids than the chugging of the motor. There's only one bulb from last year flowering. They all flowered last year, so I'm thinking it was the long dry spell before now. I planted a Double Delight rosebush where the Rio Samba died last year, but didn't get the bulbs planted. Yeesh. I'm soaking them, to see if they're viable, and try to get them in the ground this week. Fry and I played catch football, the girl is pretty good! She puts a good spin on it.

Yesterday, more laundry, then sorting papers, and finishing the Odessa hat. Lovely, hmmm? Some of the yarnovers are a bit large. Really odd since they weren't at the junction of two needles as expected, and they're larger than others in the same round on the same needle. Go figure.

I DID do the Crayon swatch, sort of. A small one, both on plastic (not good) and metal (very good). I love this yarn, it feels good against the skin. Boucle' is a change, certainly, from the smooth yarns I've been working lately. Still, it's lovely and feels good. Yes, I'm repeating myself, but true is true. There's 14 colors availible, 128 yards per $1.99US skein.
One of the recommended patterns for this yarn is a lace edged tee, and I say, ok! Really pretty and that red would look good on me. ;)

For Project Spectrum's April activities, the drumroll, please. Spongebob Socks! I'm swatching today, thinking of a spotty type rib for the cuff, then maybe the heel being his hiney? I'll have to sketch it out. This'll be fun. :)

Next up on the review: Knit Pick's Shine, a lovely little sportweight. Twenty two colors, 110 yards, $2.49US.


Jen said...

You are making me dizzy - sheesh, sit down for a minute. The hat is so cute!!

Laura said...

LOL! As much as I can list done, there's much more undone. Ah well, a good reason to get out of bed in the morning, hmmmm?

Thanks for the compliment on the hat. The yarnovers really bug me, but they were done the same as the good yarnovers. I'm NOT ripping this sucker out and doing over. There's a pink one and a beige hat waiting for the same pattern. I don't know how Grumperina's fit her, mine rides up and wants to pop off my head.

Could be funny, now that I think about it. ;)

Camie Vog said...

That hat is fantastic!

Laura said...

Thank you, Camie! I can't wait to do the other two and they're going to be bigger, I hope.

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