Friday, April 21, 2006

Fryday again!

I love Fridays. It used to mean a break from the hell that is work. I loved my work as a computer programmer much like I love being stuck on ice or in the mud with someone who told you so and is still telling me so. Just as wonderfully productive.

I had a horrible dream this morning. Fry and I were living with Mom and Dad (not the horrible part). Hadn't heard from the Hubs, didn't know if he'd found someone new, and my father was wondering why their bills were spiking so high. But in a nice way. He was also wondering when I'd get a job. Not in a mean way, just in an 'are you ever getting over this' way. It was my first and second marriages fused with a little bit of the SAHM (stay at home mom) not bringing in the bucks feeling of mooching-ness lurking in my subconscious.

Do I have a good excuse for the Socks o' Dad's not being done yet? Of course I do! Shyah! The red circle highlights my excuse. A teeny burn from the iron while making Fry's dress last last week. That's right where my 'yarn trench' is for knitting. It's healed by now, so I'm blaming spring. It's so beautiful outside, now there's peach AND white tulips blooming in the front yard. The columbines are just now opening, the azaleas are almost out, and there's a chorus of bluish purple irises in the back with a lone yellow in the group. I still have trees to plant, and they're in various pots around in the back yard, to see if I like them there.

Back to the picture. See how discolored my hands are? I've been dying again. There was some mohair, silk, and fluffy cotton stuff yarns, undyed and ready for experimentation. Not only that, but the SS&K group is going on a trek to the Yarn Barn. Yuuuuuum. We're leaving from our respective jump off points at 9:00am. Due to toll roads, we'll get there at the same time. There'll be stash pictures tomorrow, plus, I'm hoping the stuff I dyed up today will be dry. I know, wishful thinking. :D
I'd probably check out "Yarns to Dye For" from the library if I weren't holding a couple of Barbara Walker books as hostage. My goal is to return them on the 25th when I go to teach there. :D
The house is a wreck, still. I clean just enough to keep things decent. Doesn't look like an episode of Cops here, yet. A little bit of vacumming, dish-doing, and it'll look like I've cleaned all day. ;)

Replies to you beloved commenters:
Maenwyn, you should dye. You have an amazing eye for color already. Consider yourself very encouraged.

Chelle, buh wa ha ha ha haaaaa! Tomorrow, we'll have to pick up some undyed. I can't wait! I love the Yarn Barn. Sigh.

Laura, thank you! Considering your own work, I'm very flattered! I agree, and think only Wendy could knit fast enough. You MUST post pics of your children's efforts! I had to warn Fry of creating grey-brown with the yarns like she sometimes does with the eggs. Yech. I agree, though, stuff I thought was awful dries or knits up pretty good.

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ChelleC said...

I am going to be a pest now - UPDATE YOUR BLOG. I do this with Jen too. Drives her crazy. Chelle

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