Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Green Grass, around my window...

young trees, that the wind blows. Yes, it's spring time, golden sunshine...
Green Grass by Gary Lewis and the Playboys. I love that song, perfect for today. It's pretty windy for here, but it's so pretty, who cares? The ponds' pump is running, the crabapple tree is heavy with blooms, the alyssums are covered in white flowers, two peach tulips and two yellow with red stripes tulips are open. One really cool pointy petaled tulip is bloomed, and there's quite a few more budding yet. PLUS, a couple of my purplish-bluish irises have buds! Every tree is either blooming or budding, even the stick with roots Fry brought home from school. There's it (I have no idea what kind of tree it is), a sweet gum, and three pines for me to plant. There's rocks lining the east side of the ponds' flower bed, and the back yard's trashy look is getting cleaned up a little every day. Out on the back deck, the chive is alive! I'd put a spice flower pot outside during the winter and the stuff has sprung back to life. Not only that, but I'd obviously planted a honey locust tree seed, because IT'S sprouting as well! The hydrangeas, roses, columbines are all back, leafing up. In the house, my four leaf clovers and african violets are blooming, too.

The dress? I need to remeasure Fry for the top, just to be sure the darts are accurate. Hubs and Fry are totally impressed with the skirt, but... It could be better. I dunno, I see things I messed up on a bit. Bleh. Oh well, it's wearable, you'd need to really look for mistakes, and it's certainly durable. I sewed it twice on each seam and then duct taped it.

Just kidding on the duct tape. Had to say that to make my Mom laugh.

Not much progress on the Spongebob sock, but my deadline for it is way past the dress's. After Easter, that bad boy is done. Fry's home, I've stalled enough on laundry and sewing. ;) There's at least 20 pairs of white socks to match up, giving me a good reason to churn out a ton of socks just for the ease of matching them.

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