Friday, March 31, 2006

A shout out to all my peeps!

Yo, Peeps! What be up with you bad self, uh?

There are some things a middle aged white woman should never say. The above is a good example.

So, do you think beloved Hubby will get odd looks if I march him into the Yarn Barn to ask for Berocco Plush in Banana? Especially if he's wearing his BDUs(aka, Army camouflage)? The women would be thrilled to see a guy buying yarn. Number one, he's really cute (yes, I'm biased) and he's butch. Yes, he has a great decorating sense, uses 'window treatments' correctly in sentences, and has a copy of the Sound of Music. If there are gay guys for whom the above does NOT apply, stands to reason there are straights for whom it does, right?

Husband will torture me if I don't caveat this with a disclaimer: He has never broken the cellophane on the Sound of Music VHS. The movie was bought not because of the Julie Andrews affection but because Hubs has skied in the mountains featured in the film.

Yesterday was exhausting. I delivered the papers due to Fry and Father having a dinner at the Knights of Columbus. All the people made over our beautiful daughter and she even wore a hint of eyeshadow. She wore her little black dress and insisted she wear my Seascapes shawl. Sigh. I don't like her doing so, not because she'll ruin it but because of the mistakes. She loves it, though.

I had to hurry on the papers because I got to teach an Intermediate class last night. The library was close to home, so that was nice. I don't mind the driving time, but with the tight deadline, I didn't have the hour to get there to spare. Carissa, a student that was at a couple of other classes I taught was there and brought things to show off. She's a sweetheart and I'm hoping she'll come to the Sip, Sit and Knit, because I think she'll fit in fine. Plus, she lives down in that area of town. There was also another repeat from the prior class I taught in the library and she's a sweetheart, too. She's good and asked a ton of questions. The final two students were extreme overachievers. They knew how to knit and purl, but just barely, so in this class they should have been over their heads and frustrated. Nope! The ladies did wonderfully. We did yo, m1, and kfb (knit in front and back) increases. Then did the ssk and k2tog just to see the slants of the decreases. THEN, we mixed it up doing yo's and ssk's together in the same row, so they'll see how easy lace can be. One of the girls asked about psso (pass slipped stitch over) and k,p,k in one stitch. They're all eager for the fall and the advanced class. It'll be fun.

Plans for today? Getting the house cleaned up for tomorrow. There's a Monty Pythonathon on BBC America and I'm using it as an excuse to be a knitting sofa spud. I know I'll regret giving the SS&K group a miss, but...that's two hours knitting time I'm losing out, plus the spike in gas money would buy me a cute skein. Like, the Plush for the Peeps, maybe? ;) In Banana because I'm classic Peep kind of girl.

WIP Note: The Odessa hat is a do-over due to gauge. I kept thinking "Surely it's not supposed to be this small," and no, it's not. Look at the last picture of it I scanned and imagine bigger. Size 5 needles instead of 3s. Duh.

Coming up: Knit Picks Crayon review and finally, my answering MEME for Camie. It's only been in my draft section for days now. :P


Anonymous said...

"Sup, dog." is another but I love saying it to my son.

You gonna make him get tampons, too?

Come on down Carissa!

We'll miss you tomorrow!

Laura said...

LOL! Not that beloved Hubs wouldn't get 'supplies', but I think he'd much rather brave the yarn store with a detailed list.

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