Saturday, March 18, 2006

Road Trip!!

Tomorrow, Fry and I will undergo an epic journey. A saga of grand proportions. Armed with only a new Nintendo DS and an MP3 player, we will drive across the frozen tundra to the ever popular Gran and Pop's.

Gran, unlike us over here in the 18th century, has a digital camera. Fry and I are packing our Jaywalkers so that we can have her take our group foot photo. Once back home, I'll post it here and send it for Grumperina's gallery. I can't wait!

The Sit Sip and Knit group are a bunch of sweethearts. We had a lot of fun and everyone is so talented. I always get yarn envy when I go, the projects in progress are so cool.

I need to post pictures of the stash enhancement from Friday's oil change (our mechanic is a block away from a yarn store and a wonderful bead store). But, Law & Order: SVU is on and Mom's birthday present is in my lap, distracting me. There's also a huge stack of paperwork on the kitchen island begging my attention, never mind the packing I need to do before 10:30am tomorrow. Wonder if I can swing by Knit Wit tomorrow on our way out of town without Fry getting grumpy at Mom hanging out at a yarn store? ;)


Maenwyn said...

Hideeho, neighbor. Great blog.

Laura said...

Thanks! I like it!

I almost did it up green for St. Pat's but had such a tough time changing it back from St. Valentine's day pinks that I left the colors alone.

Chelle said...

Yes, she does have a great blog. She's very entertaining. Now I want to see the yarn loot on camera.

ChelleC said...

Hey, you're not going out of town with this storm coming are you? Hmmm. Be safe.

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