Monday, March 06, 2006

Water park, grey sweater blues, and Mercury retrograde.

In honor of Mercury going retrograde, let's start with the last thing first. For non-astrologer types, this is when Mercury appears to be backing up in the night sky, due to the movements of the planets. For a more detailed explanation, I'll need a basketball, tennis ball, and a marble.

Supposedly, when Mercury goes retrograde, communications foul up in the worst way. Checks in the mail get lost, emails get bounced, people think you said "Stay out of any whores," when you actually said, "Stay out of any wars." Things like that. I tend to get really quiet (for me) and not chat or email much. Nor blog. I tend to want to cocoon instead of run around. I'm betting it's more of a lazy phase than anything astrological, but then, stranger things have happened.

Now, on to the grey sweater. I was going like gangbusters, doing great, when I noticed I'd skipped a row in the pattern. So, I un-knit three rows, then did the row I'd missed. Oh joy. Then a row or two later, I'd discovered I was off a stitch. Un-knit and fixed. Next row after the newly fixed, off again. I was calm through all this, thinking this is what I deserve for paying more attention to Law & Order:SVU than to the color counts. After the second or third time of me saying, "I goofed again, dang it," my dear Hubby asked, "Does it really matter if you're off by one?" I loudly replied, "Yes. It DOES matter, it matters to me!" Then, I took a deep breath and said, "Thanks, I really needed to say that." I'm thinking he was just happy I'd not thrown heavy objects or cursed at the top of my lungs. I seriously was calm through all this, oddly enough. When I'd goofed up on nearly an entire row, by ONE stinking stitch of course, I changed the to-knit stitch to the correct color, put it back on the left hand needle, then knit it. The nice aspect was that being off just a bit meant only having to change 4 stitches out of a 10 stitch repeat. This is why the back of the work isn't nice and straight, and why some of the stitches in the front aren't perfect.

Grr. So anyway, the Water Park. Fry went to a birthday party where there's an indoor water park in the hotel. Very wilderness oriented and quiet lovely. The first thing she said to me on Saturday after getting there was, "This is awesome, Mom. It's totally worth the money! There's internet, Nintendo, HBO, way cool!" The rooms run about $270 a night, which includes access to the water park as well. Ok in the winter, but the outdoor water park is less expensive. Still, the cost would be worth it if there were more than three of us in our family and we didn't live 10 miles away. My sister's friend had a special deal where it cost $80 for the same room with admission for four to the park, perfect for a kid's birthday party.

With all the activity Fry had on Saturday and how late she'd got back, she had an hour that evening to play. I know, very sad. Still, the way she ran around reminded me of Eric Cartman of South Park when he went to Casa Bonita's. She hit the ground running. They woke up early the next morning and by 1 in the afternoon, she was ready to go. Mostly. Toppa and I were sitting, watching Fry run around that next afternoon. A guy, who was thin but looked like he was three to four months pregnant, walked slowly past us, checking us out. Once he finally passed, I said sotto voice to Top, "Keep moving, keeeeep moving." A lot of guys were checking us out, in fact. Really odd. I expect it in a singles club or bar, but in a family water park? Not gonna happen.

I've put off the Monday house swabbing long enough, I suppose. Bleh.

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