Thursday, March 09, 2006

Torturous Thursday

Sounds like it should be Torturous Tuesday, doesn't it? Nope! When there's a newspaper delivery day AND company coming over to hog out computer all evening, it's torture no matter what the day. Back story: Hubby makes calls to other Knits, uh, Knights of Columbus potential members to see if they want to join up with K of C and K of C insurance. Then the insurance agent trots off to harrass chat with them for a few hours about insurance. Our computer and his need to connect via SQL and the boys are having problems making it work. Since I'm a stay at home mom (SAHM), I couldn't possibly know how to help them.

We will pause here to let family members scoff. Last time the guy was here, they had trouble pinging the server. Probably because the guy wasn't sure if it was connected or even turned on. Come on, I mean, I had to ask if there was anything for our computer to hit, since the connection couldn't be completed from our end. When all else fails, make sure the device is plugged in. So, hopefully, they'll get done whatever it is they need to do tonight. Fry and I will be wiped out from paper delivery. We will probably hide out in the master bedroom eating fast food and watching TV.

Mom's birthday present is progressing nicely. I will have to start another project, if only to post progress pictures. Chelle asked if I'll redo the grey sweater right away or wait. Yes to both is what I want to answer. I don't care for do-overs, but this one is really nagging me. Even in a tiny size, I love the sweater, so I'll probably re-start it tomorrow.

All right, I did promise a project list and will post it later today. I totally pooped off last night, goofing around, watching South Park, eating fat & sugarfree ice cream, and working on Mom's present.

Everyone in my family is scared I'll post their weight numbers. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaaa! No, I won't. 99% of the time I really do try to keep the dirty laundry out of here unless it's only my own. For myself, I don't mind telling the world that I weigh 160 this week (grams, ha ha!). Being open about this keeps me away from the Cheesecake Factory, as in, to self: "If you eat the Thai Lettuce Wraps, the Chicken Caesar salad, AND tiramisu cheesecake, the numbers will be baaaad." I would post the other measurements, but they're the same as last week. No loss, but no gain, either.

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