Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We're having a party!

There's three of us, there's three colors in the sad grey sweater. Perfect for an unraveling party, don't you think? I confessed to Snow, and now I'll confess to the world...

When in high school, I took Future Farmers of America, not Future Homemakers of America. Besides wanting to be a veternarian, I vowed never to be domesticated.

It's ok, I'll wait until you finish laughing at my cooking, vacuuming, knitting ass.

Right. Even now, I know the difference between a Tamshire and a Duroc. We had Berkshires, THE cutest pigs ever.

Why all this? Hopefully, it'll explain why I don't know the difference between chest and FINISHED chest measurements. Well, of course I want to look at FINISHED chest, right? I want to finish. Nope. Chest is your chest right now, finished is when it's done and fits loosely. I should have known when drew close to finishing the sweater and had yarn left over. 300 yards to be exact.

Thus, the unknitting party for tonight. I'll take the main grey and let the other two have the other two colors since there's less of that. No need in torturing the family. For the yoke this time, I'm going extremely old fashioned and using doublepointed instead of circulars.

What's on the needles now? My grey sweater was my last UFO. Of course I HAD to cast on something new yesterday evening. I'm not even going to hint at it, since my darling Mom's birthday is in a month or so. It's already rather pretty, even better than I'd hoped, thankfully.

For fun tomorrow, I'll post a list of projects in the living room, waiting for me to knit up.


Camie Vog said...

I' a loss for words. I send my deepest condolenses for the grey sweater. : )

ChelleC said...

The grey sweater was so pretty.

Did you have terrible weather up your way? I heard that North Oak had golf ball size hail. Is that true? These storms were WILD over the weekend.

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