Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's not me, it's you. All you and all your fault.

I've made several of my triangle shawls on size 15US needles. In several different type of yarns. But this, this is bad. I hate this shawl. It's stretchy to a point where the upper points stretch beyond all reason. It's pretty, though, and Hubby says I look cute when I wear it like a babushka. My cousin will love it, even though I don't.

Ever have project anxiety? It hit me this morning as I looked at all my fabric. I was searching for a dress pattern for Fry's Confirmation. Must be white, must not be too foo foo. She's already not happy at having to wear a tiara/veil thing. I have to be careful in my glee. There's nothing worse than a girl in a sweet fairy princess dress wearing a murderous scowl on her face. There may be some sewing going on around here, first the dress and then me quilting all the pieced tops I've got laying about.

Didn't know I quilted, huh? I quilt in the very loose sense of the word. My edges don't line up like I think they should, but I've got good eye for color going for me. The scraps of fabric inspire me, so once the sewing machine is oiled, the dress made, I'll finish some quilt UFOs.

Oh but the knitting projects. With the shawl done, I'm wanting to finish up the Odessa hat. Then, for April's Project Spectrum, some Spongebob Socks for my father and his birthday. In May, I have some various yarns in seafoam green already allocated to my baby sister. For my just younger than me sister, Toppa, I'm going to have to make something blue to show of her gorgeous blue eyes.

It is soooo nice outside, I can't sit and type any more!

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