Monday, March 13, 2006

Update before I go back to bed

I've got another cold. It won't kill me, but of course I think I'm gonna die anyway. :P My lower back is hurting, meaning it's workout time. It only hurts when I need to exercise. I'm going back to bed anyway, because of the cold.

We had some serious storms yesterday! Poor Fry had to do collections then, because she'd put it off until the last day. A tornadic thunderstorm would roll through, she and her dad would come back home. After it passed, off they'd go. I helped with one round, and she did pretty good, considering. I know people thought we were crazy. We were only two blocks from home at all times, plus, I know enough about the weather to be safe. There's also a tornado siren practically in our back yard, making it even easier. The fun thing is, we can hear the sirens in the next county over, so when they go off, we know to watch out. I've already emailed Chelle about the golf ball hailstones. There were a very few, we were lucky, and most of the bigger ones were dime to pea sized. Loud, but not bad. We parked the pickup as far is as possible, and it was cute, because one of our other neighbors did the same thing. We have a lot of stuff for bulky item pick up, which is why I can't fit the pickup in there.

Something to add to the "Things I don't want to do" list.

I did start on the project list, then was distracted. Friday really was Fryday, she woke up in the wee hours very ill. Which made all of us ill as a result. You won't want details. So she was home all day. Then Saturday I got to go to the knitting group, then to a dinner with the Knight of Columbus. It's a group of patriotic Catholic men, which is why Hubs is a member, since he's both. You know it's going to be boring when the main speaker thanks the waitstaff. Um, yeah. They're not volunteers, so they're being paid to be good. Sheesh. This is going to sound mean, but it bugs me when speakers tell an internet joke as if it really happened to one of the people there. Yet again, um, yeah.

Hobby Lobby has another half price knitting and crochet notions sale this week. Other than class supplies, I'd like to get quite a few size 8 double pointeds for the re-do on the grey sweater. I know, sad to unravel, but true. My unravel party didn't work out and won't work out for the next couple of days. Fry and Dad are busy, so I'll have to rope them in on Wednesday. Unless I get impatient and do it myself, tangled yarn and all.

Mom's present is progressing nicely. I'm hoping to have it ready when we go to visit, probably the week of March 20. Fingers crossed that Fry won't have PSR (Catholic class) or Karate due to spring break. She has a party to attend on the 18th, then newspapers the following Thursday, so I'm hoping Sunday-Wednesday for the Oklahoma visit.

Good thing: Meds are working. Bad thing: I'm getting verrrry sleepy. Nap time, then clean time, and by then, Fry time.

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