Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Monday! Shine Worsted Review

How's THAT for an oxymoron? Cool, huh!

I have pictures and that Friday yarn review that I was too lazy to post on the actual day.


This is Knitpick's Shine Worsted. It's prettier in person and like butter to knit. Smooth, shiny, but not slippery, even on the metal needles seen here. Ribbing goes easy, as does purling. I've been doing a lot of circular knitting, so the purl is out of practice. There's been no splitting during the knit, and at $2.50 a ball, it's affordable. This, while cotton, would be better worn than used as a dishcloth. There's no scrubbiness to it and it feels good against the skin.

The only pattern featured on the site for this yarn is a shrug in Terracotta on size 15s. My friend Maenwyn is interested in the pattern. The yarn is lovely and easy enough, plus soft and smooth, that I'd rather use a pattern with more solid fabric. The yarn is that sweet against the skin.

Next Friday, which is really this Friday, I'm reviewing KP's Crayon. This is a buttery little cotton featured in an email I'd received from Knitpicks. The skein already feels like a stuffed animal, and I'm eager to knit this one up.

I'm a pushover for a Grumperina pattern, yes. But this is so lovely! Small, though, and yup, I did check gauge. :DThis is a great yarn, soft and again, sweet. Don't get it wet. Seriously. The stuff smells awful, like the cat peed on it or something. Blame it on the sheep. I'm not fond of how wet sheep or dogs smell. Ick. Still, it dried to a non-smell.

In honor of Project Spectrum March's Pink/Red theme, behold, the bikini! Or not. Really, it's the beginning of a shawl for my cousin. She covets one I made for my mother, and the mix of colors will look beautiful on her. This cousin is so pretty, everything looks good on her, though. :)

We had fun this weekend. Did pretty much nothing. Hubs and I had a date night for a couple of hours. Ate at an Indian place, then hung out at Barnes and Noble. Saturday was the knitting group, great as always. Sunday, grocery shopping while hungry. Bad,yes, but the cubords were bare, sort of. That's code for "We only had real food, no quick dinners or snacks."


Steph said...

Happy Monday? Hope it is for you...hehe very much a Monday for me...let's see first thing speeding ticket on way to work...2nd got wrong order at lunch...didnt find out bout lunch till back at office...other than that ...Happy :P

ChelleC said...

Ohhh! I love that Shine worsted. I've been thinking about ordering it for a summer sweater. Hmmm. You've got me thinking. I'm on a yarn fast NOW, but it won't last forever. Chelle

Laura said...

Poor Steph!! I can deal with wrong orders as long as it's not something gross. I hate getting pulled over, I always get a ticket. The only times I didn't were when you were with me. :D I seem to always get the cranky cops that write tickets for fun.

Chelle, I try not to be too much of an enabler, but Shine worsted is worth it. As beautifully as you knit, by all means, you need this. It's inexpensive, the color is great (even in the cream colorway), and is a dream to knit. I used the little sample last night to demonstrate increases and decreases, and have thus unravelled it. BUT! Before I did, the swatch was lovely and soft. If not for the cotton already in my stash, I wouldn't use anything else for wearing.

ChelleC said...

Laura - oh my gosh, that's a compelling statement, "If not for the cotton already in my stash, I wouldn't use anything else for wearing." Knitpicks should use that on their product endorsement page, if they have one on their website.

Laura said...

And they should give me mass quantities of Shine Worsted, too. :D It really is wonderful stuff, though. Just giving them the squeeze test, Knit Pick's cottons are squishy and soft. I'm looking forward to testing the others.

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