Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do Over!

Darn uht! I had this whole post done, complete with next project news, the unravelling of the grey sweater, and then MSN dumped me out. Below is what Blogger could recover. Ah well, I needed to get off the computer and get going anyway. Crumbs.

What a wonderful time! Fry and I went on an epic road trip where we were spoiled rotten before coming back home. Mom and Dad fixed us fantastic meals, we slept in, and were their little babies. Once home, Hubs had cleaned up the kitchen, which was very nice. He missed us but drowned himself in geneaology. He goes on these ancestor jags where everyone who ever fought in a war must be registered. He's already a Son of the American Revolution several times over, but has to have every single guy in the rolls. I told him that it was silly, how many guys does he have to be decended from, but then, my own yarn addiction sprung to mind. Case closed. :D

Speaking of which! Mom was very sweet and patient while looking at my Knit Picks stash, and then the Socks that Rock skeins. Dad loved the STRs, too. I had in mind the Red Rock Canyon colorway in mind for him, once I could bear to take off the cute little labels. I suppose I'm going to have to order a whole bunch more colors, just to knit the ones I do have. ::insert innocent look here:: In the meantime, I'm doing a swatch of the Knit Picks Shine worsted for Maenwyn in our knitting group. I'll probably do that as a review tomorrow for the blog, plus bring Ms. M a little ball of the stuff to play with. Like sends out in their samples newsletter. I might need to sign up with that again. There's nothing better than getting surprise yarn in the mail, even if it's in bits.

Mom has the picture of a family of Jaywalkers! Hers are done. The knitting group saw them, but I didn't even scan them in. Der! She loves them, and they're sturdy so she can wear them all the time. Plus, I have an entire skein left over, so if one should get snagged on a heater vent, they're easily replaced or repaired. Here's where I found this particular yarn. It's very inexpensive, yet has wool in it. I want do make socks from this in every color, but since I'm doing that with Moda Dea already... I might wait on that. ;)

Chelle, you're so sweet to worry! We got to Oklahoma just fine, and in time for the next day's tornadoes. They were a county away at the closest. Then, we left early enough yesterday to avoid the snow.


ChelleC said...

Whoa, glad you are back. The tornadoes being just one county over really IS scary. I'm glad I didn't know that while you were gone. Chelle

Laura said...

LOL! It's no big. Mom and Dad have a cellar. :)

Maenwyn said...

Glad you were safe. But, you could always hid in a hole and knit through the storm.

Laura said...

LOL! Yep! Right up until the electricity goes out.

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