Saturday, March 04, 2006

Checking in at long last

Have I been busy? Well, yes and no. The expansion pack for the Sims 2 came in, installed, had some problems, I fixed them and have been playing ever since. While screens load, I knit. In the meantime, I managed to leave Sleeve island and start the yoke! I'm four rows into it so far. It started as 232 stitches around, but has been decreased and will continue to be decreased until 80 stitches. The Mitts really helped prepare me for fair isle color changes.

I ordered sock yarn from both Joann's and Blue Mountain Fiber Arts on Wednesday of last week. Joann's is here, but the Blue Mountain's is not. I'm tempted to email or call and ask "Is it there, yet?" like a little kid with a full bladder, but won't.

On to answering the questions in comments: Thanks for the suggestions on classes, Chelle. The library has given me permission to do whatever I want, and lace would be fun. If I do teach anything more advanced, I put the requirements in the class description so that no one is unpleasantly surprised.

Camie, knitting in the round then cutting arm holes is called steeking and nooooooo. I've read the instructions, know the 'how to', but have been too chicken so far. Since I haven't steeked and since it scares me, I'm going to have to do a steek project. You enabler, you, I've perusing the Knit Picks website and love the Palette yarn. The Palette Sampler is on my wish list in a bad way! It's 100% alpaca wool like Elann's Peruvian Alpaca. I'm really liking the price of Knit Pick's though. The supply of their colors stay constant, too, which is another good thing. Knit Picks has a LOT of fans, so.... Yeah, I'm going to have to order some and see how it works up. Not because I'm a yarn junkie or anything...

The Sip Sit and Knit gathering is something I'm missing this week, sadly. If I pushed, I could go, but with Fry going to the Great Wolf Lodge for a party, she and Hubby meeting with the Bishop (a requirement for her Easter Catholic commitments), and the lure of having the house to myself... Yeah, Fry and Hubs are doing all the activity, but everyone who's a mom knows that I'm the behind the scenes gal. For every "Where's my..?", I have the answer. The weather is cool and rainy, perfect for knitting a grey sweater. I do miss the group, though. They're really an interesting group of women, and I need the socialization.

I didn't mention the two classes I taught last week. A "Wrap it Up" class for finishing the unfinishable, then a beginner's knit. One person came to the Wrap class, not the best, but fun anyway. With tiny classes, the pace is as fast or slow as the group allows.

More later. I have a round of dishes to do and people to help get ready.


Camie Vog said...

Steeking! Yes, that's it. I've had this book, Nordic Knitting for about 10 years. All this time, I have wanted to knit a Norweigan Setesdal sweater, in black and white. I decided to take on the challenge once I finish two long standing projects. The steeking is why I resisted. I had a hard time with the fact that it requires cutting. And the fact that 3 and 5 needles are used with intense color work. I think I am going to use Palette, since the whole sweater will cost about $27.00. Of course, I need to replace my size 3 cable needles since I broke them years ago in a fit of rage over a silly pattern issue. Geez, the needles will add 2/3's to the price! Good thing I don't break needles anymore. Thanks for the info. Sorry for the extra fuel for that yarn OCD...

Laura said...

LOL! No problem. I needed to update my Knit Picks wish list anyway.

You know what would be a good idea? To order one ball or skein of every yarn Knit Picks has, just because I can't get them locally. I'd probably order two different colors of Palette, just to do something in two colors for fun.

You broke something in a fit of rage? I can't imagine ever doing that...too often, anyway. :) Glass and clay are the best. I used to work in a hospital with an "Anger Room" where you could throw skeet (clay pucks) at a corner of the wall that had a fragment holder. Very nice, but only used it once.

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