Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shoulda woulda, if it coulda.

Man! After seeing all the teams on this site, Snowball was right. I should have joined the knitting Olympics. I could have been Team Missouri. Maybe I could have talked the Sit and Knit club into being in the team with me. Actually, just finishing Seascapes was an Olympic feat in of itself. What a chore that bind off edge was! So close and yet, so far. Right now, the shawl is draped over a chair in the dining room. It's so pretty, the white lace on the cherrywood. I'll move it later. Right now I'm enjoying the casual elegance of the shawl's drape.

My boss* wants a list of potential classes for me to teach at the libraries in 2007. Any ideas from the locals? I'm thinking lace, color changes, mitered squares, entrelac would be fun. Socks, mits, hats, and scarves are already on the list for the libraries to pick from, so I'd like to add new classes to keep them interested.
*I use the word boss loosely. She's much too nice to be lumped in with the rest of those people I've had as bosses. With my bosses, they've either been super bad or super good, the good being few and far between.

Sigh. I need to scan in the current progress on my grey sweater. Right now, I'm still on Sleeve Island, but it's the island part TWO! Yay! I know. It don't take much, do it? It's killing me to not be on the yoke already. To go round and round, changing colors every so often... I blame Wendy's Bohus. The sad thing is, when I'd decided to remake a beloved Irish sweater, Wendy started on an Aran cardigan. You say "you're a following little sheep" like it's a baaad thing. At least I've resisted doing something outrageously Norwegian-styled like her Rose pullover. So far, anyway. I've got several patterns in the binder, ready to be worked up at any moment. It could happen...

More stuff on Wednesday like cute Fry stories and March 1st South Beach do-over for the whole family.


ChelleC said...

Hmmm, I think a socks class is very good, and I know you are doing that. Also the intralac sounds good, but would it be too hard for those newer knitters? Also, I would suggest that a pattern reading/interpretation as well as chart reading is always good at ANY stage. Ha! A simple lace class would also be good.

Camie Vog said...

knock, knock...
you home? Quick question- have you ever knit a scandinavian style sweater in the round which had to be cut in order to creat arm holes? Also, have you ever used knit-picks palette yarn?

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