Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Numbers of Shame

There may be more than one post with this title considering my sweet teeth.

Just a brief update. I did this on Monday morning, but had to run to a class before posting. Gah, at the publicity, but I need the accountability.

Weight-157 (down then, but already back at 159.5 yesterday)
Bust-42.5 (why up? but ok!)
Waist-34 (down! yay!)
Abdomen-37.5 (the ice on my six pack is melting!)
Hips-39.5 (I'm an apple, yes)
Wrist-7 (like the bust, why?)

I remember in high school thinking I'd never let myself get above 130lbs. Um, yeah.

Admin note: If you've commented and I, in my doofiness, never acknowledged you, please recheck the comments area where you posted. I never ignore friends, and that I might have done so really bothers me. Fingers crossed that I didn't miss any. :D


ChelleC said...

Hey Laura, no shame! You are keeping track of those numbers and working on it. That's good. I do the same darn thing! I intend to blog about my Core program soon - and I have had a really stressful past 2 weeks with my mother-in-law taking a bad turn with a broken hip, and my job hunting stress. But we'll both keep keeping on with the attempts to get healthier. Chelle

Laura said...

What is it Dr. Phil says, you can't change what you don't acknowledge?

Injured family AND job hunting? Tons of stress, yes. Poor kid! I always either want to eat ice cream or buy yarn. Too bad it's not work out at the gym or spring clean the house, huh? ;)

ChelleC said...

Well, yeah, but I think I'm still doing okay. I keep thinking that turning to chocolate, ice cream or both won't really help the situation. But it depends on my level of discipline at any given moment. I do the worst when I'm rush, rush, rushing and don't spend the time and energy to plan my meals ahead of time.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race